[Live Training Series] RUN YOUR AGENCY LIKE A PRO

E56: Productizing and personal brand success with Chantal Edouard-Betsey

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Show Notes:

Chantal Edouard-Betsy is a serial entrepreneur who is wildly passionate about website design, small business, and women entrepreneurs. She has been featured on the WP Builds Podcast and the Agency Trailblazer Podcast, and built the sales page for Sabrina Philip and her “Million Dollar Bali Mastermind” launch. Listen in to learn about productizing, coaching, and branding your business successfully.

Episode highlights:

  • How Chantal productized her business, leading both to her success and to her clients’ happiness.
  • Why Chantal thought her business idea was going to solve all her problems—and what she did when she found out it wouldn’t.
  • The common misconception people have about clients and big agencies.
  • What happens if clients work with Chantal for more than a single day (it’s not what you’d expect!).
  • Best advice she’s ever received: cashflow is the lifeblood
  • Habit that contributes to success: problem solving and including personal brand
  • Recommended book: Roald Dahl and Isaac Isamov and anything with money mindset, including The Fairy Godmother
  • Recommended tools: HeyJude for VA help and Calendly



  • “People want to work with people.”
  • “I have to act like we’re this big corporation.”
  • “Can I pay you more?”


  • If you have a small business, who do your clients think they’re working with – you or a larger agency?
  • How can you invigorate your business with your personal brand?



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