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E62: Building an Evolved Enterprise with Yanik Silver

Show Notes:

Yanik Silver redefines both how business is played in the 21st century, and where—at the intersection of more profits, more fun, and more impact. He is the author of several best-selling books, including Evolved Enterprise.

He is also the founder of Maverick1000, a private, invitation-only global network of top entrepreneurs and industry leaders.


Episode highlights:

  • How Yanik evolved toward what he was meant to do.
  • The best way to spend just 15 minutes a day—and get in touch with what’s really going on.
  • What comes next after you yourself evolve.
  • How even a cash-strapped, time-crunched agency can get involved in something bigger.
  • Best advice he’s ever received: Say yes to life – take the road less traveled and follow your own path.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Journaling
  • Recommended book: The Great Work of Your Life by Stephen Cope




  • “The headstart I got, I’m absolutely appreciative of it now.”
  • “What am I meant to do?”
  • “When you have a deeper alignment and a deeper purpose, you’ll get better people.”



  • Take 15 minutes to journal each day. It’s scientifically proven to make you happier!
  • Evaluate how your company gives back, or how it could give back. Think outside the box – there are more ways to get involved than just giving money.



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