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E69: Make chatbots work for your agency with Andrew Warner

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Show Notes:

Andrew Warner is best known as the assertive interviewer who founded 
Mixergy, the place where proven entrepreneurs teach. But in this episode, Brent turns the tables and interviews him.

Andrew joins us to talk about chat bots—specifically, why major companies are making chatbots a big part of their marketing and sales strategy.

Episode highlights:

  • Why email isn’t the only way you should be contacting your potential customers.
  • What bots allow you to build that’s different from traditional marketing.
  • Everything you need to know about spamming and Facebook.
  • How to improve chatbot open rates.
  • Whether or not you should use images in chat.
  • What Andrew saw—that lots of others missed—when he invested early on in chatbot companies.




  • “Where are our audiences? Make bots for those places.”
  • “Let’s add another way to reach people.”
  • “People don’t need email.”




  • Keep chat bots simple – use one or two options.
  • Use images, animated GIFs, and emojis to communicate visually.
  • Chat bots can be one more tool in your tool belt to offer clients and differentiate your agency.



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