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E7: Why Bartending and Core Values Don’t Mix with Brad Flowers

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Startups often go through various starts and stops as they grow, and today’s guest knows all about that. As a founder of Bullhorn Creative, Brad Flowers had the rugged real-world experience necessary to push his way through obstacles and make his branding agency a success.

Today he’s going to talk to us about how Bullhorn developed, how he knows which clients would fit the best with Bullhorn, and how core values and peer groups have helped the company grow and change over time. Whether you have a startup or you are just hoping to make some tweaks in the way your company is progressing, you won’t want to miss today’s episode!

Some of the highlights in the show include:

  • The progression of Bullhorn Creative from event-planning to brand-building and designing.
  • Why Brad feels that the term “brand” is ubiquitous and why the agency might be moving away from using that term.
  • How Bullhorn Creative explains to clients what they do and so they can successfully pitch high-value services.
  • How to decide which clients to work with and which not to, based on cultural fit and the company’s core values.
  • Where Brad got the idea to develop core values, what inspired him, and how getting involved in a peer group encouraged this development and implementation.
  • Some of the trends that the company tracks over time to be sure that they’re where they want to be in terms of business development, marketing, accounting, sales, and so on.
  • Brad’s vision of the future for Bullhorn.
  • How staying active and “staying in the stream” helps Brad focus and improve his business.


Brad on Twitter
Bullhorn Creative
Good to Great
Light in August

Quotes by Brad:

“I never set out to be a business owner. I don’t know that I’m entrepreneurial.”

“By doing better and better work, better clients seek you out…. Saying no to bad clients is the hardest thing, but the most important thing.”

“Empathy can become soft if it’s unchecked; it has to be balanced with honesty. Sometimes you have to have hard conversations with people.”



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