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E71: Degenerate into amazing work–Q3 2018 memo to UGURUS

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Show Notes:
Brent reads his core values speech as presented to UGURUS employees. The speech touches on the value of hard work, and what happens when you stop praising yourself for creating a good plan.

Episode highlights:

  • What happens after you build a plan? Listen in for Brent’s take.
  • Brent shares UGURUS’ core values and what they mean for the company and its community.





  • “A plan is merely a spark. And engines don’t run on sparks.”
  • “But if you choose to stay on this journey with me. Then get ready to do the work. Degenerate into our goals.”
  • “Every day we must sweep.”



  • Try your hand at writing a core values speech using the instructions linked above.



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