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E76: Fundamental Lessons on Leadership with Steve Thiel

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Steve Thiel is the Integrator and Marketing Lead at UGURUS. In his last business with Brent, he managed dozens of employees and launched hundreds of websites and marketing projects at their agency. At UGURUS, he has led thousands of strategy calls and half a million in ad spend on Facebook, as well as launched dozens of products.

Episode highlights:

  • An integrator focuses on people, process and profit. Steve lets us know which is the most important.
  • Learn more about what an integrator does with a visionary’s idea.
  • The hardest part of working with Brent is revealed.
  • Find out the four necessary skills of being an integrator.
  • Listen in for ways to be a stronger leader with better results.
  • Figure out if you’re more of an integrator or a visionary.
  • Steve will be back in a few weeks to talk about his half-million-dollar ad spend.
  • Best advice: Seek truth over being right.
  • Personal habit that contributes to success: Get enough sleep!
  • Internet resource or tool: Moleskin folio 12” size and Uniball Vision Elite pen, Ipad Pro and Ipencil, Good Notes app and Things app.
  • Book recommendation: Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio





  • “You gotta know your numbers, you gotta know your issues…. you gotta know where you’re getting to.”
  • “You need that offset with an integrator.”
  • “Always trying to lead to truth.”
  • “It’s a daily battle to do the best you can.”
  • “You have to kind of manage and report to yourself.”
  • “People look up to you and they’re going to replicate your behavior.”
  • “Are you joyful in your work?”




  • Do you ask more questions or make more statements? Steve suggests that great leaders spend their time asking questions 90% of the time.
  • How do you adjust to wearing different hats within your business? Consider ways to approach each activity with a very specific mind set, such as color coding calendar blocks of time for work in each position. Feel free to try wearing a literal different hat!
  • Are you an integrator? We want to hear from you!



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