E80: When Clients Own You with Gary Henderson

Show Notes:

Gary Henderson is the owner of both Interactivity Digital and DigitalMarketing.org – HubSpot’s 2017 Rookie Agency of the year. They’ve helped generate $250 million+ in revenue, and billed $7.5 million between 2013 and 2017. They’ve also worked with UGURUS to build our online marketing.

Episode highlights:

  • What Gary has learned since starting from humble beginnings.
  • How Gary got away from relying on one unpleasant client that represented 50% of their revenue.
  • What cocktail sauce has to do with serving clients.
  • Why performing too well can cause problems.
  • Why you should consider a “sunset clause,” and how to pull one off.
  • Why shrinking your client base can be wonderful—and help you achieve work/life balance.
  • Best advice:  Everyone needs a package and an easy way to buy it.
  • Personal habit that contributes to success:  Self discipline
  • Internet resource or tool:  AHrefs.com, Slack, Hubspot, and Zoom
  • Book recommendation:  The Win Without Pitching Manifesto by Blair Enns (and here’s our podcast with Blair)





  • “I kind went all in. It was everything.”
  • “When I hit a certain number I could get my own office space.”
  • “You either take the loss or we’ll find someone else to do the work for us.”
  • “Don’t pay me to turn on your lightswitch for you.”
  • “It’s a hurry up game.”
  • “They need the results yesterday.”



  • Do you have any clients that make up a majority of your revenue? Come up with a plan to change that.
  • Consider the packages your agency sells to clients, and how you can streamline offerings.