E88: Come back from burnout with Sean McCabe

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Show Notes:

Sean McCabe is the author of a Overlap: How to start a business while working a full time job—and besides that, he writes more than a million words a year. He has helped tens of thousands of students with his courses on client work, pricing, marketing, and more. By day he runs a business community for creative professionals and hosts the Sean Wes podcast.


  • How Sean got his start building courses and sharing his knowledge.
  • What made Sean start taking sabbaticals, and why he’s never looked back.
  • How to successfully implement a sabbatical program for yourself and your employees.
  • Best advice ever received: Show up every day.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Waking up early.
  • Favorite tool: Forest App
  • Book recommendations: The power of full engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz







  • “It was an identity thing.”
  • “Who am I to teach about business?”
  • “You have to rest as hard as you hustle.”
  • “I had to grit my teeth….and take a week off.”
  • “Give ourselves that freedom.”
  • “We do better work….we get more work done.”
  • “If you’re asking yourself if you’re burned out, it’s already too late.”
  • “I’m gonna trust the process.”
  • “I more focus on energy, rather than time.”
  • “I trust people to get the work done.”



  • Go for it. There’s one rule: freedom from obligation. And don’t forget that the second sabbatical is the hardest!