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E93: The art of podcasting and offering a single product with Matt Johnson

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Show Notes:

Matt Johnson is a marketer, entrepreneur, musician, and podcast host and expert. As founder of Pursuing Results, a podcast PR & production agency, Matt runs a worldwide virtual team helping business coaches and consultants break in and dominate new markets through podcasting. Matt’s agency allows him the freedom to run the agency in 3-4 hours a week.


  • Considering a podcast? Here’s a great overview on how to start.
  • Matt fills us in on the importance of–and how to create–a single product in your agency.
  • Find out how Matt creates systems so successful that he can run his agency in just a few hours a week.
  • Learn how to build a podcast audience, including an often-overlooked opportunity,
  • Best advice ever received: How to build systems and train people  – I do it, we do it, you do it.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Methodical, relentless consistency.
  • Favorite tool: Trello
  • Book recommendations: David Baker’s The Business of Expertise
  • Run time:  41:38







  • “We’re offering one thing to one type of person.”
  • “That kind of created all the other opportunities.”
  • “Can I rent your team?”
  • “Podcasting is like a hammer.”
  • “We never have time to pull ourselves out and market and sell our own business.”
  • “Peoples’ performance still declines over time.”
  • “The business still hums along because you have great systems.”



  • Consider how you create and document your company’s systems and processes. Is it complete? Do you revisit and make changes as problems arise?
  • If you create a podcast or want to create a podcast, consider including video for YouTube.




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