E95: Branding is more than a logo with Stæven Frey

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Show Notes:

Stæven Frey is the founder of Quantum Branding. He creates authentic and memorable brands that grow and sell with the power of branding science. Stæven is a branding master who has helped over 150 major brands, and launched over 500 products in the marketplace. He’s worked with Target, Cracker Barrel, Walmart, and Mars Petcare. He recently launched a white label branding service for other digital agencies.

He’s a student of UGURUS UACADEMY.


  • Why Stæven says branding is more than a logo.
  • What Branding Baseball is—and how it can help you.
  • Why branding is like a superhero costume at a black-tie event.
  • How to approach a logo conversation with a client.
  • Best advice ever received: You’re either green and growing or red and rotten.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Learning.
  • Favorite tool: Omnigraffle
  • Book recommendations: Do you matter? by Stewart Emery and Robert Brunner
  • Run time:  42:22







  • “Hopefully this is a destination wedding and everyone is dressed up like superheroes.”
  • “We were branding on the fly with our clients.”
  • “Those are dull knife exercises.”
  • “The conversation changed from pain points to dreaming of new possibilities.”
  • “How do I educate the client with being a brand expert?”
  • “What if you could be more than ok with that?”
  • “I want web agencies to be their clients’ real friend.”
  • “Good design is invisible.”



  • Try using a client’s brand attributes in a branding conversation. How is their brandmark helping them look professional? What is its strength? What does it say? How about colors, type, and tone?