[Live Training] 9 Strategies to Build Recurring Revenue in your Digital Agency

Episode 344

Overcoming Operational Challenges in Digital Agencies – with Alane Boyd

Alane Boyd is the co-founder of Workday Ninja, an operations and growth strategy expert specializing in AI and automation to enhance client efficiency. Her entrepreneurial success includes scaling her first business, a hybrid agency and software company, to eight figures and successfully selling it in 2018.

She has been featured in Entrepreneur HuffPost and South by Southwest and as a three-time published offer author, she now advises agencies on optimizing operations through project management tools like Asana, Click up Monday, and automating workflows. 

Episode highlights:

  • What was Alane’s catalyst for becoming an entrepreneur
  • Alane’s journey of starting and scaling her first hybrid agency and software company to eight figures, eventually selling it in 2018
  • What is my Workday Ninja
  • How to Automate the onboarding of new clients
  • What are some other kinds of honey pots for getting people’s time back or creating more efficient systems that she has found
  • How Alane’s agency pivoted from just social media posts to including advertising and lead generation

Lightning Round with Alane Boyd:

Connect with Alane Boyd:

Quotes from Alane Boyd’s episode:

  • “Being an early adopter of trends, like social media, can provide significant competitive advantages and lead to long-term success.”
  • “Social media is just gonna become bigger and bigger. So let’s start a company doing social media for businesses.”
  • “We have 12 key things that we see an agency needs. So we can start, a lot of times an agency, they just know their pain. They don’t know how to solve it.”
  • “Understanding and adapting to client needs is crucial.”


  • The importance of finding a niche and focusing on it. 
  • The importance of automation and efficiency in digital marketing agencies.
  • Effective sales approaches for digital agencies.
  • Challenges of working with car dealerships and the importance of proving value and results quickly.
  • Things that she does to kind of get noticed.
  • Importance of change management and providing adequate training.

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