[Live Training] 9 Strategies to Build Recurring Revenue in your Digital Agency

Reclaim Your Time Now and Focus on What’s Next

Do you feel like there’s never enough time to get the day to day work done AND focus on future business?

The issue that a lot of agency owners run into is that they themselves are doing a lot of low-level work that could be done by others, such as invoicing, building out projects, and other administrative tasks. 

It’s common to feel that if you’re doing billable work that it is a valuable use of your time – but is it really?

You may bill out your Agency time to clients at $150 or even $200 per hour.

But you can’t bill out the admin work, and even if you could, it wouldn’t be at those rates – $50 per hour maybe – if you’re lucky?

So why would you do that work, when instead you could hire someone to do the lower value work in your business, to leave you to focus on what you should be focusing on – 

“Growing your business”

Let me ask you this:

What if instead of doing a piece of work for an hour (that you could pay someone $10 per hour to do) you instead spend that hour finding your next $10,000 client?

Is it really a conversation?

Do you just need to make a decision and then take positive steps towards removing any smaller tasks from your plate, and free you up to do the very high value tasks…

It’s time to create a list of the administrative tasks you are performing that you can hire someone else to do. 

It may seem like you shouldn’t be spending the money to pay contractors, but what if you could get 10 hours back a week to focus on the growth and future of your business. 

And if you need help to get this in play now, don’t waste any more of your valuable time – let’s help you fix this – Set Up An Agency Growth Session Now!

We’re here to help you work smarter – come on – let’s do this together…

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