November 3-5, 2017

Denver, Colorado


We have the strategies to get you there… because we are better together. Whether you freelance or run your own digital agency, join the USUMMIT this year in Denver, CO, Nov. 3-5, and open your life to the freedom and opportunity you’ve been craving.

There’s a perception that success requires you to follow a specific roadmap. That you must do exactly what the Gurus do (or say) in order to achieve what they have achieved.

That’s not what we believe at UGURUS

We believe the most important place to start is with YOU.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we help you find and create your own roadmap for your business. Create a vision of what success looks like for you.

Our job is to help you craft this winning blueprint for your business. One that helps you achieve the freedom and life you want. It starts by taking YOU out of your business so you can spend three days, with us, working ON your business.

Is chasing small prospects wearing thin? Ready to push your boundaries, but out of ideas? Struggling to keep up with your own growth? Don’t spin your wheels alone. Someone else has been in your shoes.

USUMMIT is an immersive, three-day conference for freelance and agency entrepreneurs focused on the digital services landscape. Our event will transport you from the isolation and loneliness so commonly experienced by entrepreneurs to a tribe of people just like you. People you can trust to give you the insights, feedback, and support needed for you to dream big about what’s possible for your business and life… and hold you accountable to get there.

You aren’t the only one.

You can thrive… with us.


Digital Marketing

Ryan Deiss

Marketing Funnels

Ryan Levesque

Facebook Lead Generation

Nicholas Kusmich

Business Automation

Brad Martineau


Re Perez

Strategic Planning

Bobi Siembieda


Aaron Wrixon

Health and Wellness

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi

Speaking from Stage

Pete Vargas


Marc Gutman



“How to use The 3C Facebook Formula to Effortlessly Get More Clients with Nicholas Kusmich”

Here’s just some of what Nicholas will be covering during USUMMIT:

  • The 3C Invisible Influencer Formula that gets you leads effortlessly
  • One simple tweak to your ad that can increase your CTR by 30%
  • “I don’t know you yet!” Understand how to use FB Ads like a real social setting if you’re going to compel someone to buy
  • AIDA…yea, but are you using it correctly? This is job #1

Your market has their guard up…do this to stand out, without screaming “MARKETER”

Facebook Lead Generation

Nicholas Kusmich

Nicholas helps businesses rapidly scale revenue by getting more clients / customers using Facebook Advertising. He is the guy behind the highest campaign ROI’s in the world. He’s mastered what he calls “Contextual Congruence”– his proprietary process developed based on the marriage between direct response marketing and understanding social behavior.

“BRANDING: The Unbreakable Funnel with Re Perez”

Here’s what you can expect to learn from Re at USUMMIT:

  • The truth about brands and branding…virtually everything out there is inaccurate
  • The branding process simplified…this one idea of “branding” could cause a huge shift in your business
  • How to increase the monetary worth of your brand...because you don’t own it
  • How to position your brand for market leadership…this has nothing to do with your tagline or your logo
  • And, some mistakes entrepreneurs, small businesses, and digital agencies make when building a brand.

Re Perez

Re Perez is arguably one of the sharpest minds in branding. In 2011 Re’s concept for BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE was born. Since launching the agency, they have built the reputation and proven track record for creating new market leaders and help existing leaders double, triple and even quadruple their business.

Health and Wellness

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi

Speaking from Stage

Pete Vargas

“Your Leads Are Fed Up With Boring, Bland & Boilerplate Content And I’m On A Mission To Rid The World Of It…Here’s How”

Here’s just some of what you can expect to learn from Aaron:

  • The unexpected skill that developed after writing over 5 million words and how you can use it to be the clear leader in your market.
  • A unique approach that left one client saying, “He “gets it” completely, and knows how to write copy that gets the audience to take action”.
  • Got a traffic problem and no leads?  I’d be willing to bet if you shifted your copy that would change…without more ad spend.
  • But my business is different…80 different industries and 4 different countries would probably say it isn’t.
  • A dead simple framework to start crafting BRAVER content.

Aaron Wrixon

Aaron Wrixon is the Founder of and the creator of the BRAVER framework for content creation. Aaron has written over 5 million words and has helped his clients stand out in a noisy marketplace.

“Using Story to captivate & move your audience from Oliver Stone’s former screenwriter.”

You’re not going to want to miss what Marc has for you. Here’s some of what he’ll cover:

  • A simple template to use so you can quickly grab the attention of your audience…virtually no-one is doing this right.
  • Every story needs to follow a structure, knowing this is the difference between a Blockbuster and a dud.
  • The perfect tool for your business that doesn’t have anything to do with software, accounting, scorecards or planning.
  • How to hook, captivate and move your audience to action.

Are you differentiating yourself from the competition? Get your USUMMIT ticket now to make sure you’re always in the mind of your prospects.


Marc Gutman

What story does your portfolio tell your clients? According to Marc Gutman, CEO & Founder of WILDSTORY, you can stay on the mind of your prospects for 24 hours or 3 weeks. Which would be more beneficial?


“A Two Page Strategic Document That Helped A $40 Million Company Boil Their Entire Company Strategy Down To 8 Simple Questions.”

Here’s just some of what she’ll be covering:

  • Why you should never get excited about getting a lot of things done unless you know this first.  
  • The real reason most entrepreneurs shy away from Strategic Planning.
  • The number one mistake most solo-preneurs make that can cause exponential pain down the road.
  • How to simply and easily map out the next year of your business…even the most scattered people can accomplish this.
  • Goals that are okay not to hit

To see Bobbi, live and in action, join us for USUMMIT and let your dreams flourish into reality.

Strategic Planning

Bobi Siembieda

Bobbi Siembieda is a certified EOS implementer and Strategic Planning powerhouse.  Most entrepreneurs and business owners struggle to take what’s in their head and bring it to life.  Not Bobbi.  She can help you take your idea and turn it into something magical.  Her process is a must for anyone who wants to make a measurable change in their business.



Discover what you can do, now, to reach the next level in your business. Whether it’s just you, or a team, let us spark your momentum.

USUMMIT is packed with leading-edge content that will help you get more high-value clients, sell higher-value deals, and deliver high-value work. Speakers will show you how to break through limiting mindsets that hold you back from the success you deserve.

Here’s What USUMMIT Alumni Have to Say:

The Agenda

Thursday November 2nd

  • 5:30 PMEarly Registration
  • 7:00 PMCommunity Welcome Happy Hour

Friday November 3rd

  • 7:30 AMRegistration Opens
  • 9:00 AMConference Begins
  • 9:45 AMBrent Weaver – The State of Agency Business in 2017
  • 10:50 AMBrad Martineau – Using Business Automation to Grow a $3M+ Agency
  • 11:40 AMMarc Gutman – How to use Hollywood’s Screenwriting Techniques to Produce Your Own Blockbuster Story
  • 12:10 PMLunch and Networking Activities
  • 2:05 PMBobi Siembeida – Strategic Planning? Hell Yeah! The Entrepreneurial Operating System
  • 2:35 PMNicholas Kusmich – Invisible Influence: The 3C Facebook Formula to Effortlessly Get More Clients
  • 3:40 PMAaron Wrixon – Get BRAVER: How to create stand-out content in 6 easy steps
  • 5:00 PMNetworking Happy Hour

Saturday November 4th

  • 9:00 AMBrent Weaver – Day 2 Introduction
  • 9:30 AMJennifer Buzza – Don’t Do What You Love
  • 9:55 AMJon Hinshaw – How To Not Suck At Sales
  • 10:35 AMSheldon Pereira –
  • 9:30 AMBrent Weaver – Dominate Your Business
  • 12:00 PMLunch and Networking Activities
  • 2:00 PMSmall group mastermind roundtable discussions
  • 4:00 PMBrent Weaver – Closing Remarks

Sunday November 5th

  • 9:00 AMBrent Weaver – Day 3 Introduction
  • 9:30 AMRyan Levesque – How to ​Capitalize on the Current Demand and Get Paid ​Big Fees to Implement​ the​ ​”​ASK Method​”​​ for Your Client​s
  • 10:35 AMDr. Anthony Balduzzi – Balancing Your Agency Business With Your Health & Wellness
  • 11:55 AMRe Perez – Branding: The Unbreakable Funnel
  • 12:00 PMLunch and Networking Activities
  • 1:55 PMPete Vargas – Getting Leads by Speaking From The Stage
  • 2:25 PMRyan Deiss – Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship for Agencies
  • 3:15 PMBrent Weaver – Closing Remarks


The Venue


1750 Welton Street
Denver, Colorado, USA, 80202

Grand Hyatt Denver is a luxury hotel conveniently located in downtown Denver providing easy access to the Mile High City. Explore the best that Denver has to offer from the Grand Hyatt hotel near 16th Street Mall, the vibrant entertainment districts. Check out attractions that make the Mile High City remarkable – from year-round professional sporting events to a wide range of museums and galleries or live theatrical performances.

A signature of this dramatic hotel is Fireside The Bar. Here you can relax with your favorite cocktail or enjoy an innovative new one made with the freshest ingredients. Order a Martini, the bartender’s personal pick of the day, a Colorado well drink or a local microbrew. Select from an array of appetizers. Linear stacked fireplaces and dark wood panels overhead envelop the space making this an inviting retreat.

Grand Hyatt


  • Get motivated and inspired about your business… and what’s possible.
  • Fix the imbalance between the work you provide and the price you charge.
  • Learn that one idea that can catapult your trajectory for the next 12 months.
  • Get live, actionable suggestions to make bold changes and show your worth.
  • Know that you aren’t isolated: someone else, whether big or small, has shared your struggle.
  • Learn what to change to avoid burnout.
  • Find your tribe and build a network… face to face. Together.

More than 700 alumni and graduates of UGURUS programs have reported back that we’ve helped them generate almost $9 million in additional revenue… over the past two years. We want that number to include you.

At UGURUS, we believe that we are Better Together. In addition to amazing speakers and content, we have designed several levels and layers of attendee and speaker interaction. You will have plenty of time to interact with fellow conference attendees.

Where can you get specific, relevant mentoring and coaching for less than what you’ll spend this year on your cell phone?

We want to make sure you get specific insights on issues you are facing RIGHT NOW in your business. This happens only when you bring your situation, history, and vision for your future to the table.

Leave the conference with a powerful network of industry supporters. Connection, accountability, and masterminding is built into the framework of our program.

Don’t be surprised if we push you to start working on your business during the conference. Our prefered method is to watch our community take action quickly from the material we present. This isn’t just three days of new information dumped in your lap, but the opportunity to actually apply new strategies to your business.

Get out of the weeds of being IN the business so you can work ON your business.

Capacity is limited to 300, so act NOW.

We are so confident in our ability to help you that your registration is 100% refundable within the first 30 days of purchase. We aren’t kidding.

Do you want to be the guru for your clients? Success never stops. Don’t stay in a holding pattern.

Keep moving at the USUMMIT.



Agency Owner

“This is the future of where agency business is going.”

Amy & Josh


“”We would never miss a UGURUS conference.”


Agency Owner

“The time and money invested to attend USUMMIT took our business and income to another level.”

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