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The Hierarchy of Web Needs

Clients believe they need websites. And you probably believe you need to build them.

But I have a dirty little secret:

“No one needs a website.”

When I learned this secret… it changed the game.

I went from selling $2-3,000 projects to $20-30,000 projects.

Almost identical work. But my mindset shifted. I learned a basic truth:

“Clients need more customers.”

(Or donors, fans, volunteers, or advocates.)

Websites are just a means to an end.

So I stepped back. I began studying business. I studied marketing. I studied psychology.

What I learned is that design and code exist to support a higher cause. And without the third leg of that stool (content), they are ineffective at reaching it.

I learned that when you understand basic concepts about marketing, you can drive visitors to take action. Sign up for an email list. Buy a product. Do something but BOUNCE.

I’m not saying that building websites isn’t valuable. You must have that skill if you expect to move to the next high value piece of the totem pole.

I created a “Web Hierarchy of Needs” based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

You know, that pyramid that says you need sleep, food, sex, security, etc before you get to higher pursuits like friendship, self-esteem, and creativity.

Here is my basic outline:

Website client's hiearchy of needs

Most web professionals spend all of their time pitching and producing low-value projects. Most clients don’t even know about most high value skills.

They don’t understand why list building is so important (or even what to do with an email list). They don’t get why you can’t just SEO your way to success. Clients don’t know why paid traffic can prove a faster ROI than organic. They don’t know what a funnel is or why their offline sales process is critical to their website succeeding.

But they came to you for a website. You have a chance to help them do something so powerful with their business on the internet. You can help them get what they really came for:

More customers.

And they will pay you for it. Top dollar. I have been teaching the $10K community my secrets for most of this year and the results have been overwhelming.

Here is a direct email excerpt from a community member:

“I just left the proposal meeting from our first FULL discovery client. This is the client that I originally called you about needing some info on the approach. I’ll know the answer tomorrow on whether it goes through or not. But… I heard the newly dreaded statement: I thought it was going to be more expensive.

“We put it in at 12K (which is 2X what we would have done 3 months ago). In response to his statement, I asked what he expected. He told me between 15-17K easily based on the time we had already spent and what we were bringing to the table.

“On the way out, he said that he was concerned that we were undervaluing our services, which would be a problem for the long-haul. That’s one objector I was not prepared for.”

By focusing on HIGH VALUE BILLABLE SKILLS, I have shifted regular web designers into high paid consultants that are living the life they dreamed. They have overcome the commodity trap of our industry.

I am inviting you to join us.

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