Are you afraid of the ONE strategy that could make you a success?

Here’s the simple truth about a confusing word—and why your fear of it could be holding you back.


What do you think of when I say the word “DOMINATE?”

  • A dictator taking over a country?
  • Two bighorn sheep butting heads?
  • One person forcing their will on someone else?

If you’re like most people, you’re probably nodding your head.

Because something about the word “dominate” freaks us out.

But it doesn’t have to…
Especially when you’re talking about dominating your MARKET.
Let me explain…

I’ve been lucky enough to “dominate” more than one market. This is what that ACTUALLY means.

Back when I ran an agency…

  • We got recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in Denver, Colorado. (For two years in a row!)
  • We got a cover story written about us in the Denver Business Journal.
  • Plus we were ranked a top 10 agency in Denver for 5 years running.

All that attention helped us build a wildly successful agency—and then sell it so we could focus on service to others.


And now, with UGURUS…

We’ve been featured in dozens and dozens of blogs, podcasts, conferences, webinars, and emails—and have multiple seven figures of revenue to show for it.


If I told you all of that came from knowing how to dominate a market…

Would you still think “dominate” was an ugly word?

Market domination isn’t a scary concept.

It’s simply about this: tapping into the influencers in your market that are willing to support you.

Here’s what market domination really looks like.

My business works for my lifestyle.

It allows me to talk about the things I’m passionate about.

Serve the people I want to serve.

And do things that I want to do.


If I want to ride my bike for two hours, I don’t want to ask a client for permission. That’s not in my DNA.

But as long as I’m getting my work done and driving the outcomes I want for my business, I’m able to have the freedom to do what I want.

The freedom my business has given me means I can cut out at 10 AM to go take care of one of my kids if I need to…

All the while knowing that I’m not going to watch my business come crumbling down around me.

And it’s allowed me to build a business full of clients that I love.

See that photo below? That’s from USUMMIT—our annual event. And I would happily invite anyone in that photo over to my house for dinner.

So here’s a question for you… What’s important to YOU—and what do YOU want to get from your business?

What does market domination mean to you?

Here are some answers I’ve gotten from others:

What does your “fill in the blank” look like?

More importantly—do you know how to make it happen?

I want to help you DOMINATE your MARKET and your BUSINESS… So you can get the most from your LIFE.

Sounds like a big promise. But I feel it’s totally possible…

IF you pay attention to something important.

Notice that I said MARKET before business.

Lots of agency owners try to build their businesses when the market doesn’t care about them.

Don’t put the cart before the horse.

You need to have a constant flow of the SAME type of customers coming in. From well-defined channels. And they need to be buying the same type of work.

Because once you have all those things, you’ll have a “magic wand” you can wave to make business easier.

That wand is called “market domination.”

And it means you are choosy about who you work with.

When you work.

How much you charge.

(And whether or not they get to come over to your house for dinner.)

Are YOU still struggling to dominate your market?

I’ve talked to literally thousands of agency owners and freelancers just like you.

And I can confidently tell you that—at some level—we all wrestle with the same exact things.

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

You need more leads, you need better clients

  • Word of mouth and referrals are your only leads
  • You lack marketing and sales systems
  • You don’t have traction in a niche
  • You can’t scale because each project is different

Your business strategy is based on trial and error

  • Your plan changes as often as the weather
  • You question if it’s even the right plan
  • You play within your comfort zone
  • You don’t revisit your plan at the right intervals

Confusion in your business—and lack of clarity—Is hurting you

  • Your email inbox defines your daily priorities
  • You’re busy working IN your business, not ON it
  • Shiny objects distract you easily
  • Your to-do list isn’t getting any shorter

You let yourself off the hook too often

  • Your to-do list is more of a “should-do” list
  • Your spouse is unable to keep you on track
  • Your team can’t hold you accountable either
  • When you’re out of money, it’s too late

They probably ALL resonate, don’t they?

The good news is…

In order to solve these problems you really only need three things.

  • First, having a mentor is critical. Someone a few levels above you that can show you the best path forward.
  • Second, you need to be able to go deep with peers who are experiencing the same things you are.
  • Third—and most important—you need someone else to hold you accountable. (Because, sometimes, just having someone to tell you to “get out there and do it“ can make a big difference.)

And if you’re looking around right now and realizing you don’t have ANY of these things…

Then it’s no wonder you’re struggling to grow.

Stop struggling. Get the money, business and life you deserve.

I’ve worked directly with more than a thousand digital professionals (and counting).


  • I still don’t make enough money.
  • I don’t have enough great clients.
  • I don’t get the leads I want.
  • I work too much.
  • I spend all my time doing things I hate.
  • I can’t stand my clients.
  • I don’t know if I can pay the bills.

Hearing that stuff breaks my heart.

But it also makes me OVERWHELMINGLY HAPPY.

Because I know I have an answer that works…

Presenting UACADEMY… The only MBA-style program for digital agency entrepreneurs who want the money, business, and life they dream of.

Here’s why you still don’t have the money, business and life you keep dreaming of…

Because you’re stuck piecing everything together from all kinds of sources.

Do you know what an archipelago is?

Fancy word for a group of islands.

But it’s also a good metaphor.

Here’s a local coach. (Who doesn’t understand your business.)

Over there, you’re a part of a Facebook group. (That never seems to get around to answering the real issues that are troubling you.)

Up in the corner there you’ve got the other entrepreneurs you talk to. (Even though they don’t run your kind of company, and the advice they give you usually sounds like “You need more foot traffic.”)

And the ocean there… That’s all the podcasts, blogs, books, and random free webinars you’re drowning in.

All this disconnected—and usually bad—information leaves your head spinning…

And your “boat” in trouble.

When you first ran into trouble with this business, you did the right thing…

You set sail in search of answers…

But you ended up getting wrecked on the rocks.

But I say “So what?!?”.

Leave the archipelago for some other castaway!

Because I want to invite you back to our “island.”

Now, on that island you’re going to find a lot of things.

All the information YOU need, neatly gathered in one place.

A group of other islanders to help you make the most of your time there.

And tribe leaders who can mentor you, because they know every inch of the place.

Imagine what having all of that back will do for you over the coming years.

How much could you accomplish?

What would that be worth to you?

And why haven’t you done it already?

With UACADEMY, you can completely transform your business. Not just how you RUN it—but what you GET out of it.

When you join UACADEMY, you’ll start with Bootcamp—the first part of our UGURUS Process™.

Bootcamp is a 90-day intensive that will revolutionize the way you think about three things: clients, revenue, and time.

These three factors destroy web agencies of all sizes, everywhere in the world.

  • But it doesn’t matter whether you’re big or small.
  • Whether you’re just starting out or you have years of experience.
  • Or whether you live in Peoria, Illinois or Perth, Australia…

By the time you’re done, you’ll think COMPLETELY differently about them.

You’ll redefine what makes a good client.

You’ll have a working process in place to help you earn more revenue.

And you’ll be focused on using your time ONLY for the vital work that you SHOULD be doing. (Not the time-sucking busywork that you’re drowning in now.)

It’s simple: Bootcamp works.

In fact, over hundreds and hundreds of graduates, the average increase in project price is 65%. Monthly income goes up by an average of 49%. And agency owner satisfaction is off the charts.

Here’s what Bootcamp teaches to make that happen:

Raising Your Prices

  • Learn how to increase your prices IMMEDIATELY by at least 20%.
  • Overcome fears and client objections so you can charge more.
  • Discover what web professionals around the world charge—and why.
  • Get a step-by-step plan to increase your rates and get cash right now.

Ideal Customers

  • Learn how to identify and target your ideal customers.
  • Create your business plan and define your value—all on a single page.
  • Get the secret to finding clients that can support $10K+ projects. (Without wasting your time.)
  • Understand the five core elements to land any customer you desire.

Sales interaction model

  • Learn the step-by-step sales process for closing more deals at higher prices.
  • Uncover the simple way to weed out tire-kickers and time-wasters.
  • Find out how to overcome key objections in the sales process.
  • Learn the secret to sequencing your interactions with leads. (Never leave a meeting “wondering what to do” again!)


  • Learn the difference between hourly rates and value-based fees.
  • Discover the secret to doing the same amount work for more money. 
  • Dive inside a typical $10,000 scope—and see what even bigger projects look like, too.
  • Discover why you need to transition to higher-value work—and how to present yourself to ensure you get it.


  • Learn how to instantly get more leads by doing just one thing.
  • Discover the secrets of attracting customers without cold calling.
  • Find out how to leverage interest groups—without having to spend anything on advertising.
  • Master the “channel pitch” that will drive endless leads to your door.


  • Learn how to make the process of selling your services valuable—so you can charge for it.
  • Get the secret of how to ask your client questions about the project… In a way that DESTROYS your competition.
  • Discover what to do to make leads recognize your value.
  • Find out how to “lock in the deal” more often.


  • Get the secret of how to get paid for 100% of your work—EVERY TIME.
  • Find out how to overcome objections when you need to change the scope of work.
  • Discover how to keep projects on schedule without constantly chasing clients or “just following up.”
  • Learn a robust project management process you can start using right away.


  • Learn which simple changes to your website will boost leads.
  • Get an easy-to-use lead generation strategy that will simplify your marketing.
  • Discover the secret to scheduling your first meeting with a lead.
  • Uncover a simple and fast marketing tactic to generate cash now.


  • Learn what to put in a proposal to help you stand out from your competitors.
  • Discover the secrets to the most vital interaction in the entire sale.
  • Receive a simple and easy-to-use proposal template that will change the way you sell.
  • Master the three most important things you need to do to upsell.


  • Learn how to get others to deliver work that exceeds your expectations.
  • Get an easy-to-use hiring process to find and onboard your first team member.
  • Know how—and when—to source talented contractors that help you earn more profit.
  • Learn how to scale your business and drive profit by expanding your team.

By the end of Bootcamp you’ll have the systems and processes you need to create a quality flow of leads coming into your business.

You’ll know what to do to turn those leads into high-value, high-pay projects.

And you’ll be able to leverage your time—to do more of what you’re meant to do, more often.

Bootcamp Is just the beginning… With UACADEMY, get ready to build the business you’ve always thought was impossible.

UACADEMY doesn’t stop with Bootcamp.

In the next phase, you’ll spend a powerful month working ON your business…

  • Your vision. Your mission. Your 1-year plan. Your 3-year plan. You’ll have created them all by the time you’re done.
  • You’ll also come away with an action plan for the following 90 days. Even an issues list to help you tackle crucial work in order of importance.

(This is how the best companies in the world run… And you’re just a few days away from joining them.)

Then you’ll start your Annual Cycle. Plan the work, then work the plan—three separate times per year.

You’ll start by working the 90-day plan you created…

And then at the end of three months—after you’ve ALREADY accomplished more than you thought possible—you’ll plan again…

For the NEXT three months.

This will set you up for extremely focused, productive thinking about the past and future.

You’ll review your strategy—to find out what’s working and where you need to pivot. You’ll take a look at what the market’s doing, and adapt accordingly.

And you’ll update your plans and select a “focus track” for guided growth…

These focus tracks come straight out of what we call…

The System of U:

  • Attract leads
  • Win deals
  • Delight clients and
  • Scale your business

And when you use the tools we’ll provide you to focus on these four critical areas, the rewards will be great.

You’ll wake up every day with a clear picture of exactly where your business is headed.

You’ll have a focus. A purpose.

And that will trickle down into the way you talk about your business. The content on your website. The kinds of things you discuss in sales calls.

You’ll feel accomplished, because you’ll be solving REAL problems.

And your clients will respect you for doing so.

You’ll be an expert. A sort of mini-celebrity—not only within your particular target market, but maybe even in bigger circles, too.

Best of all are the personal benefits.

You’ll enjoy work more. You’ll feel more fulfilled.

And yes, you’ll have more money.

All because you’ll be…

(Say it with me now…)

Dominating your market.

I can hear you now… “All this sounds great—but does it actually WORK? I’ve been burned by a lot of so-called experts and their cheesy sales pitches.”

Listen. You’re right to be skeptical.

Because if you’re like me, you’re tired of the kind of “snake oil salesman” that seems to be everywhere these days.

(If I see one more steady-cam video that talks about freedom, I think I’m going to throw up.)

But I want to assure you.

We’re just not those people.

I’ve been PRECISELY where you are.

And if you’d told me BACK THEN what I’m telling you now, I would have raised an eyebrow, too.

So here—read these stories and quotes from UACADEMY grads to set your mind at ease.

This is what market domination looks like in the real world.

This is Debra Scarpa at her first industry conference.

By her third time exhibiting, we had helped her move beyond collecting hundreds of leads to closing clients in-person.

UACADEMY helped Debra craft her offer and sales framework. Now she actually sells her high-value services directly out of the conference booth.

Catherine Willems has been published multiple times in her niche. She had no prior experience or authority in this market. But with the right focus, UACADEMY helped her become a published authority within weeks.

Nate Freedman also got published—in the most important website in his market. And then in other places… More than a dozen times in 6 months!

Before that, no one knew who he was. Now, he has industry blogs and magazines actively asking him to write for them.

This attention generates 5-10 scheduled calls with new customers every single week.

Scott and Craig went from being general web designers “for anybody…” To hyper-focused on working with organizations who serve the developmentally disabled.

They took one of their passions and made it what drives them in their business.

Within 6 months they went from no market to keynoting at the main regional conference in the niche. And they had their biggest quarter ever.

(“But… All these people are speaking and publishing… Is that what all this is about?”)

No, you don’t have to speak or publish to gain market traction.

You can do it by becoming that respected go-to authority in your market in a way that works FOR YOU.

By getting third-party endorsements. Speaking your customers’ language. Becoming laser-focused on your market.

(And by having someone kick you in the butt to stay focused—and not get distracted every time you hit an obstacle.)

Do that and you could see these kinds of successes, too.

Just like these people did…

Take it from our MEMBERs…
The UACADEMY approach
gets results.

Our goal with UACADEMY is simple: we want to help you dominate your market.

This is not something that’s going to happen to you in 2 weeks, or even 90 days.

But it’s fair to say that— with the right work ethic and determination—you’ll be well on your way to dominating your market within 12 months.

These people knew that.

Many of our them started out in the WORST place.

But they refused to let their situation get them down.

They knew they had to try “one more time.”

And look what happened…

The same thing that’s happened to hundreds of other UACADEMY grads.

And the same thing that can happen to you.

Here’s what you’ll get in UACADEMY.

I’ve already told you what you’re going to LEARN when you join UACADEMY.

But what you’ll GET is incredibly valuable too…

Here are the details on each feature you’ll get in UACADEMY.


10-week crash course that will help you master the System of U and set you up for the year to come.

Online Community:

Access to the best network of entrepreneurs running agencies of all kinds (web, digital, creative).


Use on the go, connect with the community, stream the training library.

Facebook Group:

Keep the conversation going on social media, get updates from inside the UACADEMY app so you never miss out.

Resources Drive:

Unlimited access to 100’s of templates from UGURUS, our mentors, and the community at large.

Training Library:

100’s of presentations, including USUMMIT conference recordings.

Masterclass Access:

Unlock one Focus Track from the System of U every four months. Drip training over 90 days.

Community Webinars:

Mentor-led lectures and hot seats. Deep-dive lessons and Q&A.

Small Group Workshops:

Mentor-led “get stuff done” intensive work sessions. Get mentor feedback and accountability-setting.

Private Strategy Calls:

Mentor-led “get clarity” coaching, three times a year, on your vision/mission, market, goals, next 90 days and issues. Get your Strategic Plan finished and next Focus Track selected.

Private Coaching Calls (ELITE only):

Mentor-led “get clarity” coaching on strategy and decisions. Bring your top issue to solve within the hour.

Private Coaching Chat (ELITE only):

As-needed coaching delivered in the UACADEMY app. Bring your top issue to solve within days.

Unsure? We offer a 100% money-back guarantee—for any reason—within 30 days of kickoff.

I understand.

It’s hard to look at a list of features and say “Yes, I’m totally confident that will help.”

But we feel so strongly about UACADEMY that we want to invite you to try the program for 30 days.

So go ahead and enroll.

You’ll have your first 30 days of Bootcamp training and group sessions with your mentor. This will give you an idea of the quality of our training and coaching that we’ll be providing you.

And you’ll be absolutely convinced that this is the program you’ve been waiting for all your life…

Or we’ll cheerfully refund your money.

Are you ready to rise to the top and MASTER your business?

Summer enrollment closes Friday, August 3, 2018.

Which means now is the time to act.

Join us NOW and you’ll secure the best time slots for your strategic planning.

And you’ll have the best chance of getting a mentor that matches your unique needs. (Mentor assignments are first-come, first-served.)

If you’re serious about doing what it takes to make your digital business a success, apply now for UACADEMY.

Imagine a life where you’re PERSONALLY taking home money from your business… (Not just contributing to revenue.)

  • Where you’re generating more leads than you need…
  • Where your clients are paying above-market rates for the VALUE you deliver—not the HOURS you work.
  • And where your business can run without you while you do whatever you want.

These benefits are common among UACADEMY grads.

They’re real.

They’re repeatable.

And you can make them yours.

Take the first step toward dominating your market—and transforming your life. Apply now to join.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?
  • You’re an early-stage digital agency: Your business has fewer than 10 employees and annual revenues are less than $1 million.
  • You are struggling to personally net $100k: As an owner, you are not getting what you want financially out of your business.
  • Business isn’t growing like you want: Your business either isn’t growing, or growth is causing new problems.
  • You have (primarily) a “digital” offering: Your business does web design/development, software or app development, or digital marketing.
  • You’re looking for accountability: You’re ready to have a mentor and peer group push you outside of your comfort zone to grow your business.
  • You want mentorship: You’re looking for specific advice related to growing a digital agency from a proven expert.
  • You feel like you’d benefit from a community: You’re looking to connect with more like-minded people from our industry.
Who is this program NOT for?
  • You’re a late-stage, established digital agency: Your business has more than 10 full-time employees and your annual revenues are more than $1 million.
  • You’re satisfied with your personal income: You’re getting plenty of profit and personal revenue from your business and aren’t looking for more.
  • Your business growth is going just fine: You have systems and processes in place. Growth is happening, and it’s controlled. You’ve got no major issues.
  • You have a “traditional” offering: Your business does traditional marketing or advertising and doesn’t have a “digital” offering.
  • You don’t need accountability: You aren’t interested in being pushed outside your comfort zone.
  • You’re not interested in mentorship: You don’t value experience and insights from those who’ve been through what you’re experiencing.
  • Prefer to operate on your own: A community of supporters doesn’t appeal to you. You would prefer to keep your experience to yourself.
When does UACADEMY start?

Bootcamp kicks off off Monday, August 6th. The last day to join UACADEMY is Friday, August 3rd.

What happens after I purchase?

When you complete your purchase, you’ll receive several emails. One of these will be a welcome email that will invite you to start the onboarding process. You’ll be asked to complete a survey and assessment as a part of onboarding. You’ll also get your login access to the UACADEMY community app.

You’ll want to go through the orientation material right away and introduce yourself to the community.

After we review your survey and assessment we’ll reach out to you with more details on matching you with a mentor.

How long is the membership commitment?

UACADEMY is a 12-month commitment that automatically renews each year until you request to cancel.

If you do not wish to continue after 12 months you can submit your cancellation request to finish out your current term commitment.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership?

You can upgrade your membership from PRO to ELITE at any time during your 12-month commitment. You can downgrade your membership only at renewal.

Do you offer refunds?

You have 30 days after the program begins on August 6th to ask for a 100% money-back refund for any reason. You’ll be convinced UACADEMY will transform your business and your life or your money back.

Can my business partner participate?

Yes. If you have a business partner (or partners), we encourage each of you to participate. You’ll receive a single portal login, one set of one-on-one calls, and only one set of all other resources delivered—but it’s important for you and your partner(s) to be rowing in the same direction. We need buy-in from everyone to get you where you want to go.

Can I talk to a UACADEMY graduate?

Yes. Please schedule a call with us so we can get you connected with a graduate. You can also listen to podcast episodes with UACADEMY grads Say Gabriel, Nate Freedman, and Gretchen Ozee Cawthon to hear more about the impact UACADEMY had on them.

Do you offer discounts or have special offers?

Sometimes. Please schedule a call with us so we can tell you about any promotions and special offers we have available.

How do I get started?

We’re glad you asked! Apply to join UACADEMY here!