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What is Content Marketing?

How’s your marketing looking these days? Is it looking like…marketing?

Here’s a sobering fact: nine out of ten of your potential clients do online research before they make personal purchases.

What are they looking for? Useful information like reviews, testimonials, tips, how-tos, and checklists…anything that may help them to make a more informed purchase decision.

So why do we act like it’s any different when consumers decide to put on their business hats and go looking for a web pro?

It’s time for a new approach

Content marketing—publishing custom content as a way to make yourself insanely useful to your potential clients—builds trust and credibility. And in today’s information-saturated world, trust and credibility are essential to making the website sale.

Fortunately, all it takes for you to get in the game is some ingenuity and dedication to providing value to potential clients.

What could your content marketing look like? Maybe it’s a checklist to help your customer self-diagnose a bad website. Maybe it’s a series of videos showing a site build in action. Or a blog full of tips and tricks on actually running a website. Or a training book designed to help new clients make the most of what you’ve built for them and to reassure potential clients that they’ll be well supported after they invest in your company.

The possibilities are endless—but they’re not what you’re used to

Notice I didn’t mention content that talks endlessly about your services or how great you are. Most people who come to your website are interested only in solving their problems. Lost sales. Sleepless nights worrying about going out of business. Low quality of life.

That means you have a great opportunity to deliver valuable information that helps them address those problems and that demonstrates that, hey, you happen to be in the problem-solving business and, by the way, you solve those problems by making great websites.

You can get started as soon as you put away the “Let me sell you something” mindset and start thinking, “How can I help?”

To attract more clients to your business, use content marketing to engage and inform. You will find yourself starting, nurturing, and cementing relationships with more clients than you ever thought possible.

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