We're Better Together

Do you say YES to every client who calls?

Are you afraid to fire that headache client who won’t stop insulting you?

Did you spend your last holiday weekend with friends, or working hours that you’ll never bill for?

Whether you’re a solo freelancer or run a digital agency with employees, we are here to help YOU.

(And give you that friendly push.)

You’ve had that great client before—they can ALL be that way. The revenue and freedom that you want is here. Stop spinning your wheels trying to figure out what’s not working.


We’re serious: it doesn’t matter whether you are a freelancer, chasing projects one week and overwhelmed the next, or you’re an agency entrepreneur stressed over payroll and employees.

It may not even require a complete overhaul. Even 3-degree shifts melt icebergs.

Don’t go at it alone. It’s better together. We can help you find and build your path.

Our Manifesto

We’ve packed 34 years of experience and knowledge into programs and resources that will get you onto the right tracks so you can roll full speed ahead.

Do you know what you’re missing? How fast would your work and life change if you knew?

We’ll help you identify what’s not working and offer practical ways to fix it.

We promise:

To challenge your mindset and prevent you from setting your bar too low.

Action-oriented training, tools, and resources.

Peers who seek colleagues, not competitors.

Real mentors who walked in your shoes (have you ever had one?).

Don’t take our word for it. We’ve trained hundreds of entrepreneurs.

Check out our Success Stories and Testimonials.

Think you’re ready? If you want it, we will meet you halfway.

Are you ready to put in the work?

Are you willing the share what’s really happening behind the curtain in your business?

If one simple action step gave you real results in less than ten weeks, would you take it?

What lengths will you go to make your business succeed?

If you can’t break free from low-paying projects and bad clients, we are here for you.

Every program offers a money-back guarantee.

We are better together. Let us show you how.

Our Programs


Get business training, based on where you are and what you need, on your path to freedom: begin with our free trainings before advancing to our Bootcamp program.


Join an immersive, three-day conference and meet a tribe of people, just like you, to gain insight, feedback, and support for you to dream big about what’s possible.

We’ve helped thousands.
Why not you?

If you’ve never had a tribe, if you’ve never had real, earnest mentoring from entrepreneurs just like you, then you are missing the only opportunity for digital service entrepreneurs to motivate, encourage, and push each other through the hurdles of building a business. Why wait, when help is waiting for you?

For Freelancers

Going at it alone? That doesn’t mean you have to learn in isolation. Learn from others who’ve been in your shoes and experienced the same stress of feast-or-famine work. Stop treading water and gain practical insight into business skills that will build your credibility and confidence with a return-on-investment that will give you more freedom and control.

For Agency Owners

Manage a team? Growth doesn’t have to hurt. Don’t let the day-to-day bog you down and take you away from the work you love. Learn how to scale your business through the support and encouragement of other agency entrepreneurs. Thrive with help from leaders who’ve made it to the other side. Expand your life.

A Freelancer's Story

Nate Bootcamp Graduate

Nate wasn’t very selective about the clients he worked with, averaging $2K per project. However, Nate learned how to position himself as an expert. He now charges $20K minimum per project.

A Digital Agency's Story

Tarra Bootcamp Graduate

Tarra has been a graphics and website designer since she was 16 years old, got a BFA and hung out her shingle only to discover that she had never been taught how to run a business.

Meet The UGURUS Mentors

Owner of WebClio

Owner of eSense Web Design

Owner of FieryFX

Meet The UGURUS Team

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