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Dear Agency Owner,

It's easy to fall into the scarcity mindset trap thinking you need to pursue every client that knocks at your door.

We teach agencies how to stake a claim in a market and make bold statements.

By helping you get specific, we help you open the door to massive opportunity.

Think back to a time when you worked with a GREAT client. Fun work. Solid pay. A joy.

What if your business was full of those clients?

I bet life would be pretty rad.

uGurus is committed to only working with amazing digital agencies led by driven and fun owners.

What I have to offer isn't for everyone.

I am crazy choosy about who gets in and is kept out. I want to make sure I can really help you grow or why bother?

After two years of building the $10K Community, I have had a chance to analyze who succeeds and who doesn't.

Here are 5 key traits I've found in our success stories:

1) $10K'ers are self-employed building websites and running digital marketing campaigns.

You are either on your own or leading a small team. We've had a few team members (employees) go through program and see improvements for their employer, but this isn't our focus.

2) $10K'ers are mostly from North America.

Since much of our program is delivered through live calls - timezones and great internet are a factor.

However, we have a lot of success stories from Australia and Europe as long as the students can make the times work (we have groups starting from 9AM to 5PM Mountain/USA time).

We have a handful of success stories from Asia and India as well - but in some cases there can be a culture and/or language barrier. If speaking and comprehension of English is strong, than experience in the program can be strong.

3) $10K'ers are working on their own business full-time.

We've had a few people with full-time jobs succeed to bridge the gap to their own business, but this isn't our focus.

Bootcamp is a time commitment and so is taking action on your business. The best results come from those that are committed to both.

Bootcamp is not a program that you "sample" - if you expect to 2 or 3x your business in a short period of time you must be willing to TAKE ACTION on a weekly basis.

If you have a full-time gig but are truly committed you can succeed. But you must be serious and ready to jump ship from your day-gig when the time comes.

4) $10K'ers have a growth mindset.

To succeed you must be willing to look at the industry professionals in your group as comrades not competitors.

You must be willing to help others and be open to getting help on the toughest decisions you'll make in your Business.

You must be willing to share the good, the bad, and the ugly within your business. The more you share and explore, the more you grow.

5) $10K'ers are willing to invest in themselves at the same levels clients are investing in them.

Think about it: if you aren't willing to make a financial investment in your own growth - put together the dollars and make it happen - how can you expect your client to invest a ton of money in your own business?

Bootcamp is not just another video course. We invest in Mentors, the best video conferencing systems, website portals, and a dedicated team to support your success.


As I sit here writing this letter to you I am finding myself curious about what your potential is...

Each day, new web professionals are joining the $10K Community. Each brings more and more success stories.

I wonder what your success story would sound like...

I wonder how your business would change with our program...

I wonder how your life would change...

Do you?

I think you’re ready.

You need to do 2 things:

1) Look below this letter for a webinar invitation. I host these events every week and can’t wait to meet you.

2) Check out the success stories page and watch at least two of the stories from start to finish.

Until then,

Brent Weaver

Chief Guru
Co-Founder of uGurus
FREE TRAINING: "How Agency Owners Increase Prices, Work Less And Grow Profits"
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FREE TRAINING: "How Agency Owners Increase Prices, Work Less And Grow Profits"
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