$10K Bootcamp
The Only Online Training Program That Teaches And Challenges You To Land $10,000+ Projects
10 Week Program
Week 1: Orientation "Raise Your Prices"
Learn how to increase your prices today
Learn how to increase your target hourly rate by at least 20%
Overcome fears and client objections so that you can charge more
Hear what web professionals around the world are charging and why
Get a step by step blueprint to increase your rates and get cash right now
Week 2: Strategy"Ideal Customers"
Learn how to identify a market of customers you truly want to serve
Define your value by understanding how to use this powerful tool
Find clients that can support $10K projects without wasting your time
Learn how to create a customer avatar and use it in your sales process
See why selling to small business is the WORST path to great customers
Use a simple tool to quickly create your business plan on a single page
Understand the 5 core elements to land any ideal customer you desire
Week 3: Sales "The Interaction Model"
Introduction to the Interaction Model Blueprint
Learn the simple way to weed out tire kickers and time wasters
Discover how relationships are driven by having interactions over time
Learn why “Qualification” is one of the most critical interaction steps
Overcome key objections in the sales process by doing this one thing
Learn the secret to “sequencing” by never leaving a meeting like this
Week 4: Projects "Anatomy of a $10K Project"
Introduce the key difference between charging fee based vs value-based
Discover the secrets to doing the same amount work for more money
Learn what a typical $10,000 project looks like
Discover why you need to transition how you present yourself
Get the blueprint for a project scope worth well beyond $10,000
Get the blueprint for the $156,000 landing page example
Week 5: Strategy "Advanced Marketing Channels"
Learn how to do one thing with customers to get more leads
Discover the secrets to attracting customers without cold calling
The “No Cold Call Marketing” Blueprint that avoids the fear of calling
Learn how to leverage niche groups without having to spend money
Master the “channel pitch” that will drive endless leads to your door
Week 6: Sales "Artful Discovery"
Discover how to make the sales process so valuable you can charge for it
Master the $10K Discovery Blueprint to destroy your competition
Be recognized as highly valuable by shedding the commodity labels
Learn how to uncover this one thing from clients that locks in the deal
Week 7: Projects "Project Management Made Simple"
Learn how to implement a simple meeting tool with all of your clients
Discover how to get paid for 100% of the work everytime
Overcome objections when you need to change the scope of work
Keep projects on schedule without constantly chasing clients
Get our $10K Project Blueprint to use on starting day one
Week 8: Strategy "Your Website, Your Lead Funnel"
Learn how to boost leads with a few simple changes to your website
Simplify your marketing with the $10K Lead Gen Blueprint
Discover the secret to getting your first meeting scheduled instantly
Learn why most web pros have no idea how to build their own website
Discover how to use this marketing asset to generate cash now
Week 9: Sales "Proposal Presentations"
Learn how to deliver a proposal unlike any of your competitors
Discover the secrets to the most vital interaction in the entire sale
Turn the most frustrating sales document into an easy to use template
Master the three most important things you need to do to upsell
Week 10: Projects "Expand Your Team"
Learn how to get the work you need done and exceed your expectations
Discover when you need to hire contractors versus employees
Get the $10K Hiring Blueprint to hire your first team member
Learn how to source talented contractors that help you earn more profit
Start scaling your business and driving profit from a team of people
Learn the three secrets to keeping a team motivated and passionate
Who is $10K Bootcamp for?
Years of experience helping web professionals build their businesses has proven $10,000 as a psychologically significant number for most. For many, it’s the difference between “struggling to get by” and “success.”
You’re working hard. You’re doing the best you know how, but something isn’t quite right. Maybe you’re experiencing something like this:

You struggle to get out of the $2,000 to $3,000 rut
You are looking for strategies around growing your business
You feel like you need better business skills
You are ready to work smarter and not harder
You’ve tried raising your rate, but clients continue to negotiate prices down
You’re doing more work to justify raising prices, but it’s stealing your time and killing your profits

$10K Bootcamp is designed to help web professionals like you overcome these challenges and land your first $10,000 project.  If you’ve already got a couple under your belt, you’ll learn to land them more consistently. 

$10K Bootcamp is a roadmap to get you out of these ruts and onto a path toward prosperity.
If you’ve ever found yourself hoping for a new referral or telling someone, “I just can’t find customers,” you’ve got a strategy problem.
Word of mouth can be a powerful business tool. But it’s not a solid strategy. You can’t control when the next person is going to refer you and you can’t force someone’s hand when you need work.

You can take control by defining your ideal customer and targeting specific markets. $10K Bootcamp teaches you how to do both.
You don’t need to run a boiler room to make better sales, but you also have to get past “winging it” with every client you talk to.

It’s a dangerous game to let clients lead you through a sales process. They probably know little about websites. You build them every day. Would you see a doctor who lets you walk through your own exam and schedule your own labs? Of course not!

If you find yourself thinking, “I’m doing way too much for what I’m getting paid,” you’ve got a problem with your sales process. Creating a clearly defined sales process for new clients will have you taking charge and closing more deals – guaranteed. $10K Bootcamp shows you how to refine this process to close bigger deals more often.
Selling higher priced projects is one thing; knowing how to deliver them is another.

It takes a specific set of skills and know-how to handle content creation, planning, strategy, and delivering value that goes beyond the requested scope.

If you’re getting crushed by project-scope or find yourself questioning how to hire help, there’s a better way. $10K Bootcamp shows you how to handle all the moving pieces of project management.
The Impact of Personal Accountability 
Presenting real-time business issues and challenges to your accountability group creates a level of change you don’t get with other online learning programs like lynda.com, udemy, or treehouse.com. Weekly small group meetings of up to nine peers, led by a group mentor, are the heart of $10K Bootcamp. 

Ninety minute check-ins each week gives you a chance to bring new insights and challenges to the table as you make changes in your business. The support, encouragement, and problem solving that comes from these meetings will have you making huge impacts in a short time.
The Value of True Mentorship
It happens to all of us. We begin a project or learning experience full of energy, only to hit roadblocks that drain us of that energy. Eventually, we lose momentum and end up right back where we started. This “learning loop,” coupled with trial-and-error-based business practices, robs you of time and money. There’s a way to break this cycle. 

The key is in having a mentor – someone who can hold you accountable, answer questions, provide guidance, and keep you on track toward your goals. $10K Bootcamp Mentors are friendly, smart, and experienced web professional who have gone through $10K Bootcamp themselves. They lead your group meetings, go over issues privately in two one-on-one calls, and challenge you to implement one new strategy, system, or practice in your business each week, holding you accountable for the results.
Learn More About Our Mentors
Owner of WebClio
Owner of EBWAY Creative
Owner of Word Revolution
Owner of Aquanode Interactive
Owner of eSense Web Design
Owner of Online Marketing Media
Many programs claim to know your business. Our results prove we do.
Many $10K Graduates were “sleeping giants” before they began – web pros who were delivering high-value projects with small price tags. Most of these “sleeping giants” sold their first $10,000+ project within just a few months of completing the program. Many did it during the 10 weeks of the course itself!
Each week, $10K Bootcamp focuses on one of three high-leverage areas: strategy, pricing, projects – visiting each one three times over the course of the program.
Topics include:
Raising hourly rates
Finding ideal clients
Raising project pricing
Creating the perfect proposal
Optimizing the website portfolio
Building recurring revenue
Hiring contractors and team members
$10K Bootcamp Graduates Share Their Stories Of Amazing Success
Chris was struggling to make his mortgage payments, fend off wild geese, and provide for his family. He had to beg his wife to even let him spend money on the $10K Bootcamp. After Bootcamp Chris went from doing $3,700 projects to landing a $14,500 deal, all in the span of a few months.
Amy and her husband Josh were having a hard time supporting themselves and their newborn daughter. After hitting rock bottom, they asked themselves if they should just give up on their dreams of having a web development business. Since applying principles learned from uGurus their business is growing and they can finally breathe again. 
Evelyn started a graphic design business twenty years ago so she could have an even work-life balance while raising children. The $10K Bootcamp helped her bring her business up to date, land a $30K project, and empowered her to become more involved in the women's entrepreneurial community.
Matthew was overworked, over-stressed and had too many business problems. $10K Bootcamp helped Matthew turn his already successful agency into a “million dollar agency.”
Kevin had reached a point of desperation. Struggling to land clients for $2,500 projects, he felt a tremendous amount of pressure to do better for his family. Kevin now charges at least $7,000.
Chris and Lindsay had just completed a big project and realized something – they were out of money and stuck in a feast and famine cycle. They decided to call a “Hail Mary” and enroll in Bootcamp.
Tarra has been a graphics and website designer since she was 16 years old, got a BFA and hung out her shingle only to discover that she had never been taught how to run a business.
Ben was burned out and cash strapped. When he joined $10K Bootcamp he knew he needed to work less and make more money because the alternative was getting a full time job.

Tracy was tired being seen as an undervalued graphic designer. She discovered how to set new expectations for herself and her business, and was able to close $90K worth of work in just 48 hours!
Brandy was struggling to figure out how to make it on her own. She needed to connect with “master chef” web professionals who would share the perfect business recipes for her to follow.
Emma was struggling to get projects for $3K. She had a unique skill set but couldn’t figure out how to position herself with clients. She now has increased her revenue by 8x and has landed a $25K project.
Melissa’s projects fell in the $4-8K range, but she struggled to get anything larger. With a new perspective and renewed confidence, she now closes 5-figure contracts.

$10K Bootcamp FAQ
What’s the structure of $10K Bootcamp? How does it work?
$10K Bootcamp is a 10-week online program. You’re interacting with like-minded peers, who are also working on their businesses. You are guided by a Mentor – an industry expert and $10K Graduate who has implemented our strategies and grown their own businesses. Every week you’ll engage in learning, discussions, and goal setting. Then, the following week, you’ll come back and be held accountable for your goals and also receive continued support and guidance as you work to implement new strategies and goals.
What kind of time commitment is required?
During the 10-week course, we recommend being able to dedicate 3 to 5 hours per week. You’ll participate in 90-minute weekly sessions with your small group on a designated day at a designated time. We also hold 3 large group sessions, led by Brent, that occur once per month and also last 90 minutes. The other time is self-paced and varies from one-on-one meetings with your mentor to continued learning through videos or peer interactions.
I’ve spent lots of money in the past on courses where I didn’t learn anything I didn’t already know and felt like I’d wasted time and money. What is the success rate? What will my ROI be?
Our goal is to see you get a return on your initial financial investment in the program. That’s part of the reason why we’re willing to spend time talking with you, before you commit, to make sure the program is a good fit with you and your business goals.
Ultimately, your success will depend on you: the time you’re willing to invest working on your business; whether you take advantage of the learning, mentoring, and support you receive; whether you reach out for help when you need it. If you engage in the process, learning, and support, you’ll receive the help you need – and it will all directly apply to your business.
How are small groups matched up?
We work to match our students with like-minded peers who are in similar places in their businesses. We want you to be challenged by one another while also able to support each other.
Whether you’re a freelancer working solo, a new or smaller sized agency, or a high-revenue agency that’s been in business for many years, we work to match you with a Mentor we feel is best suited to help you and your type of business.
What if I enroll and decide $10K Bootcamp isn’t for me after all?
We back $10K Bootcamp with a 100% no questions asked unconditional guarantee. No matter when you enroll, if within the first 30 days of the program you decide that Bootcamp is not for you for any reason whatsoever, we will give you 100% of your program investment back. That means that you can join risk-free and know that you have plenty of time to make sure that Bootcamp is the right fit for you.
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