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3 Keys to Having a Better Lead Generation System

Before $10K Bootcamp, I was doing everything wrong.

I was guessing what client’s needs were, I was cutting prices, and worst of all, I had no system for effectively generating new leads.

I needed help, so I enrolled in $10K Bootcamp.

Once I learned how to implement the right systems, based on having clear strategies, consistency, and accountability, my business gained incredible momentum.

Now my business is thriving.

Here are the three keys to creating a lead generation system that will help you grow faster than you ever imagined.

Having a Clear Strategy

People typically go wrong by trying to connect with everyone. You must connect with the right people to experience growth. You’ll need a clear strategy for this.

We’ve been nicknamed the “LinkedIn Gangsters” because we do a ton of lead generation through LinkedIn. We like LinkedIn because it allows us to target specific types of people and connect with them fairly easily.

By reaching out to the right types of people, we’ve been able to build a strong network. Our strategy has allowed us to create over 3,500 new connections. While that number is impressive, it’s even more impressive that these connections typically lead to one or two new clients each month.

We don’t have to sell them right away. We just have to connect.

Then, when we post to social media, they have the opportunity to follow my business, gain value from our work, build trust and eventually hire us.

You’ll need to develop a clear strategy that’s right for you business. No one else knows what you need, but know that reaching your ideal clients is key. Once you have a lead generation strategy clearly defined, you’ll need to implement it consistently.

Finding Consistency

Finding time for lead generation is one the greatest struggles web professionals have.

You must continuously work your system.

No matter how busy we get, we dedicate 60-90 minutes a day to lead generation. It’s a top priority.

And because we’re consistent, we get 90% of our high-quality clients through our system.

If you get overwhelmed trying to do lead generation along with client work, try farming it out.

But make sure it’s happening every day. It takes up to three months to generate momentum. Consistency in your strategy is the only way to achieve this. Then, once you’ve created that momentum, never stop.

Make your system a priority every day and it will pay dividends.

But it’s easy to use busyness as an excuse for not pursuing new leads. You’re going to need some accountability to someone other than yourself.

Community-based Accountability

Before I enrolled in $10K Bootcamp, I was desperate for specific strategies I could implement right away. But implementation wasn’t enough. I needed accountability.

I’ve been in business for a lot of years, and I’ve only had a few people I could reach out and talk to openly. But it wasn’t consistent, and I didn’t share everything.

Once I found the $10K Community, I immediately knew I was in the right place.

Because this community is working through similar struggles within the same industry, they’re able to offer specific advice. This group of peers is important for accountability.

The community is a huge part of learning about new ideas, creating better systems, implementing those systems, and being held accountable for what works and what doesn’t.

Finding the $10K Community has created transformative change in my business and life.

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