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Announcing the $1,001 Web Professional Cash Giveaway

Feeling Poor?

I was poor after I left college in 2005 and entered the real world. My first year, I ate Hot Pockets and mac and cheese and made a measly $15,000.

My early days as a web professional were challenging. Not so much because I felt poor, but because I couldn’t figure out how to stop being poor.

I was building websites and doing the hard work. But when it came to business, I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. It was a real challenge to find and keep good clients that paid.

What can $1,001 do for you right now?

Maybe it’s that past due bill, or that badly needed car repair. But what if there was nothing pressing…how would you use $1,001?

I see it all the time. Good folks struggling to gain an inch in their career as a web professional. If only I had more time to do this or that, I could really take myself to the next level.

Expand your knowledge and skills

Looking back on my Hot Pocket days, what would I have done differently? I would have focused on acquiring new knowledge and finding a few great mentors.

I would have gone to a conference:

  • $400 for a conference ticket
  • $250 for airfare
  • $200 for hotel
  • $100 for food
  • $51 for incidentals

Or I would have found a consultant to coach me:

  • $250 an hour for help defining my target customer
  • $250 an hour for help defining my value proposition
  • $250 an hour for help strategizing how to market my services
  • $250 an hour for help improving my sales skills
  • $1 to keep in my wallet for a rainy day

So if you win how are you going to use the cash? Will you spend it, or invest it in yourself?

Enter for your chance to win $1,001

I’m giving away $1,001 cash, no strings attached, to one lucky web professional.

To enter all you need do is provide your email so I can contact you if you win. And if you tell your friends about the giveaway, you get bonus entries.

The sweepstakes ends April 30th so enter today.

Update: Winner Selected

Thanks to everyone who entered. The lucky winner of the contest is Loren Micheloni.

Here is what Loren plans to do with the $1,001:

Wow! I didn’t really think anyone ever won these things! Thank you so much for having this contest! When I first saw the contest on uGurus, I immediately thought about the Selenium Conference since I’m currently working as a QA Engineer and use Selenium for my automated tests, but I actually received this email on day two of the Selenium Conference, so it was too late.

There was also a web security course I was looking at, but that got sold out on the day I got this email! It’ll be hard to not just apply the money to my student loan debt, but I have a pretty heavy conscience, so if I tell you that I will spend it on something that will grow my career, I’m pretty sure I will.

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