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How to Inject Authority Into Your Work to Build Credibility and Get More Clients

Relying on word of mouth isn’t going to help you scale your business. This is how you inject authority into your content to market to the many.

You’re in a prison of one-to-one marketing.

What I mean by that is that you’re relying on referrals, word of mouth, and similar tactics to get business.

That’s super risky.

It’s like going to an event and only getting to market to the people that you shake hands with. One-to-one marketing’s painful, time-consuming, and impossible to scale.

You need a new way to get leads into the business.

And it comes down to getting more traffic for your content.

But you can’t afford ads and you can’t go pray to the Google God to give you great organic rankings.

So, what can you do?

You can build authority content!

Specifically, you can inject authority into the content that you’ve already created. I’m going to show you how.

It’s About Sizzling the Steak

You already know what you can deliver to your clients. You’ve spent years building your expertise and you’ve got a great body of work.

But you’re not showing it off in your content. There’s a lot of useful info that you’re sharing. However, there’s no sizzle to go with the steak that you’re serving.

That’s a problem because it makes your content seem like everybody else’s. Nothing sets you apart.

That means you’re not getting enough traffic to your website. There isn’t a big enough lead flow into the business.

And you don’t have the respect from your industry or your peers that you feel like you deserve.

So, I come back to this idea of adding some sizzle to your steak.

What does that mean?

The sizzle is the proof that what you’re saying actually works.

Remember that anybody could say that what they do helps clients. If it’s written professionally, that content won’t look any different to yours.

It doesn’t matter if they can’t actually deliver.

It’s the sizzle that’s going to set you apart and make clients believe that you’ll do what you say you can do.

The question now is a simple one:

How do you add sizzle to the steak?

I have three techniques that you can use.

Technique #1 – Tell Stories

Let me tell you a story about one of my clients.

For 14 years, Shannon ran a website development company that had no systems or processes in place.

That meant she couldn’t scale her project fees. In all of that time, the most money she commanded for a single project was $2,500.

Her clients just didn’t understand the value of the work she did.

She overcame what’s holding her back after attending a UGURUS strategy session. There, she learned about the processes and strategies she needed to implement in her business.

Within 10 weeks, she landed $27,600 in project fees from three clients. She says the mentoring she received made a huge difference to her business and life.

Do you see what I just did there?

Let me tell you another.

Evelyn founded Design Powers because she wanted to work from home so she could see more of her family.

It went well for a while. But as her children grew up, the business stalled. She wasn’t earning what she deserved from the work that she put in.

Evelyn decided to sign up to the UACADEMY Bootcamp.

Within a few weeks, she’d secured a $20,000 website design project. A few weeks later, she had a couple more $10,000 projects. Then, she secured a $30,000 project.

Bootcamp gave her the confidence to ask for what she deserved from clients. Now, she’s scaling her business and earning more than ever.

Now, I could just tell you that I’m able to help you get results. You might believe me or you might not.

But with these two stories, I’m showing you that I get results. I’m giving you proof directly from the people that I’ve worked with. I say I can help you attract $10,000 website projects. And I prove it with these stories.

That’s the first technique that you need to learn – tell stories.

Show people what you have to offer instead of just telling them. Show how you apply what you know to the pains and problems that your market has.

In my case, my audience wants to scale up without creating more work for themselves. My stories show that I can help them to do just that.

But what if you’re new to the business? You may think that you don’t have case studies that you can share.

That’s a mistake that a lot of people make. If you have any happy clients then you have stories. Sprinkle them throughout your content to build authority and show that you offer value.

Technique #2 – Season Your Content With Proof Points

Your big stories add a bit of sizzle to your steak. The proof points give it an extra bit of seasoning.

So, what are your proof points?

I can give you mine:

  • I’ve pitched over 1,000 website projects during my career.
  • I’ve donated $100,000 in pro bono services to a range of non-profits in Denver.
  • Combined, I’ve personally generated over $12 million in income across all of my businesses.

Straight away, you’ve got the numbers behind my success.

These are my big proof points. They show you that this isn’t my first rodeo. I know what I’m talking about and I’ve got the numbers, as well as the stories, to back it up.

I can supplement these with little proof points that relate to specific clients. Take Rob as an example.

Rob attended the first Bootcamp of 2017 and spoke to me a couple of months after graduating.

He told me that our advice helped him to do the following:

  • Increase his confidence because Bootcamp helped him to lay out a plan of action.
  • Achieve validation from his peers who’ve been there and done it before.
  • Create a 400% price increase without changing anything about his service.
  • Create a happier family life as the business now earned more for the same amount of work.

Again, these are all little proof points that show that what I offer works.

Create your own proof points. Talk about how many clients you’ve worked with and what results you’ve gotten for them. Break it down into individual client cases if you can.

The key is that you season your content with these little proof points to build your own authority.

Technique #3 – Hit the Big Three

When you’re thinking about authority, there are three things that you need to hit:

  1. Make it quantifiable
  2. Make it logical
  3. Make it emotional

Let’s look at each one individually.

Making it Quantifiable

This is where your numbers come in. You’ve seen me make things quantifiable already. Here’s another story from a recent webinar:

This really nice lady came to me with a problem. She couldn’t figure out what to use as a headline and didn’t think she’d gotten results before.

She was wrong.

She’d actually written an email series that helped one of her clients sign $5,000 clients. I asked her how many clients that client had gotten.

She said about a dozen.

Her single email series had led to a client generating over $50,000 in revenue. Now, she had her headline.

This comes back to the point I made earlier about how a lot of people don’t think they have good stories to tell.

Dig into the numbers. You’ll often find that you’ve generated great results for clients without even realizing it.

Quantify those results and share them with your clients.

Making it Logical

You’ve got to make sure that your stories make sense. If they seem a bit too far-fetched, people aren’t going to buy into what you’re selling.

Set the steps out to show people how it all works. For example, you could talk about how you helped a client to build a website. From there, you built a marketing funnel that pumped people towards that website.

And finally, that website got them X amount of leads.

That’s a logical set of deliverables. Everything makes sense and each action flows into the next one.

Make it Emotional

The final thing that you need to do is to tap into the emotional part of the client’s brain.

This usually means talking about something that the client got from your service beyond the monetary results.

In the examples I’ve shared, Rob’s increase in confidence is an emotional result. The huge difference that our mentoring made to Shannon’s life is another one.

Wherever possible, talk about the positive changes your work makes in your client’s lives.

The Final Word

These three techniques will help you to use your own stories and achievements to inject authority into your content.

You’ll put the sizzle and the seasoning on your steak.

That’s what’s going to get you more traffic and leads in the long run for your agency.

But I have so much more to teach you about building authority and getting more traffic.

Let’s start a conversation. Apply for your FREE strategy session today to work with UGURUS.

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