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Are you sitting on a goldmine? Are you relying on your “years of work”? Get intellectual property out of your head and onto your bottom line. You need to be competitive in today’s landscape. There are more agencies out there offering services than ever before.  But you have an unfair advantage… You have experience you… read more

Do you feel like every client comes to you with unique demands? Maybe you’re seeing a lot of inconsistency in the results you deliver. If so, read on for some key points to consider. Your goal as an agency owner is always to delight your clients. You want them to feel overjoyed with the results… read more

If you’re like me, you struggle with business documentation. We have a way to make it easier so you can get it done. Most agency owners know what processes exist in their businesses. They know what needs to get done so that they can deliver to clients. It can take a really long time to… read more

Why spend time putting out fires when you could deliver an amazing client experience? These are the Five Hot Principles of the Client Experience Roadmap. Every agency owner has experience with client fires.  We’re all in a service business, which means these fires are almost guaranteed. There are a lot of steps involved in the… read more

How do you onboard your new clients? Do you have a set process in place? It’s time to start onboarding like a pro. A  lot of agencies don’t have a set onboarding process in place. Even those who do might not have something solid enough to make their clients excited about working with them. I… read more

What’s the fastest way to overcome a ton of competition? A great proposal presentation is the key. But it’s not enough to just tell a client what you offer. A lot of digital agency owners have the same problem. You have a potential client lined up. They seem like a perfect fit for your business… read more

Just like the meetings in your sales process, your delivery meetings need a “pulse”. This simple solution ensures you deliver and delight at every stage. The Deliver and Delight system is the third super important system that I teach during UACADEMY Bootcamp. How are you going to deliver on the promises that you made to… read more

Building trust and creating value are the two key things you need to do for potential clients. You can’t do that if you only interact with them once. Your process needs to carry all of the weight and stress of sales for you. The problem is that many digital agency owners don’t have a process… read more

Here’s a piece of advice: Don’t half-ass it. When you do work that’s half-assed, it sets a bad standard for your company. It says, “hey, look at this crap.” At Hub & Spoke, we set out to do something different. Our market was crowded with low quality “template website” purveyors creating websites that might help… read more

Over the past twenty years I’ve made an incredible number of mistakes when it comes to business, especially as it relates to freelancing. When I first started my journey back in 1988, there weren’t awesome resources such as Google, uGurus, or Smashing Magazine to help me out. Everything that I learned was completely by trial… read more

So listen. I’ll level with you. I’m a writer. And I used to be a web pro. So yeah, I know what a pain web copy can be. You can’t launch without it, but… it’s hard to write it. And it’s even harder still to get clients to write it. A professional copywriter can make… read more

Most web professionals narrowly focus on design and development. Content is secondary, and to be dealt with after the client provides it. Too many web professionals assume the client is capable and has content covered. But underestimating content is a lethal mistake. Content is a silent killer. Quietly strangling the life from website projects. It… read more

I’ve been there more times than I would like to admit: the elusive five-yard line of a web project. The point where the only thing you are waiting on is to get the content files so you can copy/paste them into the CMS and cash your final payment check. But there is just one problem…… read more

His portfolio of work is flawless. The brands he chooses to work with (Google, TED, Disney, CBS, NBC, Puma, Tumblr, MTV, Jawbone, Discover, and TripAdvisor to name a few) are lucky to have him. But, what strikes me as the most surprising thing about Andrew Wilkinson is how humble and honest he is about what… read more

A long, long time ago I had a phrase in my contracts: “Unlimited rounds of revisions.” Before you start yelling at me, don’t worry, I quickly changed my contract. However, my original intention was pure. I wanted to make my clients happy. I thought that if I let them know that they could continue changing… read more