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Level 10 Meeting: The Game-Changing Meeting Structure You Need

The Level 10 meeting can bring clarity, direction, and connection to your team.

The L10 meeting agenda makes it easy to know exactly what issues and topics to focus on to make the most out of your time together.

The Level 10 Meeting is the game-changing meeting structure you need in your digital agency

Your team will love the organization and outcomes of these meetings.

I first read about the Level 10 meeting in Gino Wickman’s book ‘Traction.’

We’ve implemented the L10 meeting agenda at UGURUS for years.

The Level 10 Meeting has been a game-changer for our team

As simple as it is, there are many moving parts to a Level 10 meeting agenda.

But the great news is that this is the same agenda you can use for all your digital agency’s weekly meetings.

That means you can always use your time effectively.

Level 10 meeting agenda template

The Level 10 Meeting Agenda Items

L10 Meeting Agenda Item #1: The Segue

Start all your Level 10 meetings on a positive note by talking about “business bests” and “personal bests”. 

This is the time that you all get to share some good news about your work and home life.

So maybe Jane’s business best is she had a record-breaking sales week and her personal best is that she bought a new cat.

This should provide a good segue to the next part of the agenda, which is…

Agenda Item #2: Scorecard

This is where you discuss hits and misses. 

Identify some of the most important metrics you track in your agency…

And have the people responsible for those metrics report whether they’ve hit or missed their targets.

Keep in mind that this is not the time to address issues (that part comes later in the meeting).

So, just stick to reporting the hits and misses.

L10 Meeting Agenda Item #3: Rock Updates

In the context of a Level 10 meeting…

Rocks” are projects that take up a full quarter’s worth of work.

These are separate from pebbles, which are your day-to-day responsibilities.

So, use this time to assign “rocks” to your team members…

Or get updates from past rocks you’ve delegated.

If a rock is off-track, you’ll have time to tackle it later in the meeting.

Remember: we’re still just getting through some updates.

Agenda Item #4: Customer/Employee Headlines

Now, headlines are just info shares on your employees and customers—whether good or bad.

Like how one employee had a record performance last quarter…

Or how one customer is having a really hard month.

And again, this should not be treated as a clandestine opportunity to bring in issues.

It’s just sharing good or bad updates… newsfeed style.

Any issues that might come up?

Put a pin on those for later.

L10 Meeting Agenda Item #5: To-Do List

Take some time to run through the to-do list you set up the previous week.

Then, classify tasks between what’s done and what’s still in progress.

Ideally, everything on your to-do list will be 7-day action items…

Which makes your weekly Level 10 meetings perfect for checking if everything that was supposed to get done in the past week actually got done.

Agenda Item #6: Issue List

Finally, we’ve arrived at the part where you can—

  • Identify
  • Discuss
  • And solve issues in your agency

Now, I’ve been telling you to hold off on any issues that come up.

Some weeks, those issues will be few.

In other weeks, there might be too many.

But remember, the Level 10 meeting is not meant to tackle every single issue your team’s been having.

So, just identify three of the biggest priority issues that need to be resolved right away…

And use the biggest chunk of your meeting to tackle them.

Once an issue is solved, take it off the list.

L10 Meeting Meeting Agenda Item: Wrap Up

Once you’ve gone through your top three priority issues, it’s time to wrap up.

Apart from summarizing to-do lists and next steps before your next meeting…

Use this time to have your team rate the meeting.

That’s why it’s called a Level 10 meeting –

Everyone gets to rate how it went on a scale of 1 to 10

Of course, your goal is to get a real Level 10 meeting.

If your meeting gets a lower rating, ask why.

Was too much time spent on a single issue?

Was it rushed?

Then use the feedback to make the next one even better.

Level 10 Meeting Agenda Template

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