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You’re stuck. In a funk. You’ve hit the ceiling. You wake up one day, and you’re not happy with the work you’re producing, the state of your business, or the impact you’re having on the world. I’ve been an entrepreneur for the last 19 years, and I’ve experienced this state a multitude of times. If… read more

A student of mine recently informed me of an idea called your bus count. Answer the question: “How many team members can get hit by a bus without the company going bust?” Your answer is your bus count. The higher the number, the more robust your business is to survive unexpected events. Asking for your… read more

Doing the work. Setting goals. Casting a vision for the future. Aligning our team to row in the same direction. It’s all just talk. Peter Drucker, the father of modern management, says, “The best plan is only good intentions unless it degenerates into work.” Every time we sit down and plan, we run the risk… read more

1. HOLDING YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE   Do you chronically let yourself off the hook? The three worst accountability partners are (in no particular order) ourselves, our spouses, and our bank accounts. When you are out of money, it’s too late: Bank accounts are the worst means to hold yourself accountable. When times are good, motivation runs… read more

How you can duplicate what we did 5 years ago to burst onto the scene when virtually nobody knew us. Check out this video where I show you exactly how you can leverage your time and resources to get in front of a mob of your perfect clients. Content, content, content. Talk to anyone long… read more

There is a common fear amongst most freelancers and new agency owner. And it is this…If I land a bigger client who pays me more money, are they going to expect more? And my answer is…it depends. Check out this quick video to get to the nitty gritty of this common question.

Today I share the 2 biggest factors that can shape the future of exponentially growing your business and landing high-value clients…. read more

Are you worried your potential client might ask, “can you show me examples of a $10K site you’ve done before?” Here’s exactly how to handle it and why it’s important…. read more

Today I’m going to show you how you can double, triple, or even quadruple your project fees…with your current clients… read more

A few years ago I was at mastermind for digital agency owners. One of the speakers ran a 200-person agency. Someone asked him how many hours he put in per week. “No more than 30-hours.” Jaws dropped all around the room. Attendees whispered, “Did he just say thirty hours?” Laughter even broke out. He elaborated…. read more