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I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it.” And I know it seems true, because the how is essential to attracting new customers. But I will also propose that the “what” is just as critical. Today, I’d like to share a few tips and insights to reaching… read more

When was the last time you had a problem in your business that you needed to solve? This morning, maybe? What did you do to solve it? Perhaps you searched Google for those answers and discovered a combination of organic webpage results and ads. Or paid more attention than you usually would to an ad… read more

You’ve got a great message, and your solutions are second to none! So, how can you make yourself known? How can you get your message out there so that your ideal audience becomes aware that you have the solution that they need? Awareness is the second A in the 5-A Framework, and it’s the essential… read more

Now that you have a good understanding of your audience, it’s time to make them aware that you exist. Awareness is the second A in the 5-A Framework. Most agencies—in fact, most companies—rely solely on referrals and word of mouth. Those can be powerful ways to get leads, but they’re slow and arduous, and they… read more

A few weeks ago, I began sharing a bit of “Heather Carlyle’s” story, a successful agency owner whose business was surviving on the goodwill of referrals and word of mouth…and who had just hit quite a snag. A couple of weeks after our initial meeting, Heather and I met in the corner of a busy… read more

  Did you know that author, Stephen King, thinks of only one person when he’s writing his bestselling novels? He’s not thinking of all of the various people who will read his books…he’s writing to one, “ideal” reader. The same can be said for how you communicate with your audience—the first A in the 5-A… read more

There’s no magic formula to settling on which audience to target. I often get asked about whether I think selling to a specific market makes sense, and the truth is, I wish I had this type of crystal ball. I could make A LOT of money if I did. Determining what market to go after… read more

You’re likely familiar with being part of an audience. Maybe (before the pandemic) you’ve been in the crowd at a concert, gone to a conference, or sat in church and heard a sermon. But for now, I want you to forget what it feels like when you’re “out there.” Instead, visualize the other view at… read more

From time to time, I’m going to share a bit of one of my success stories with you. Some might call this a case study—and you can if you’d like—but I like telling stories. Since I just shared high-level details about my 5-A Framework in my last blog, I think this is the perfect time… read more

Join me for a moment as I entice you to think about this: a vacation vs. a day off. It’s great to take a day off, step away from the regular, day-to-day routine, and do something fun. But does it have the same impact on your health and well-being as taking seven consecutive days off?… read more