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Coming up with content for one email isn’t too difficult. But what about coming up with content for a lot of emails every month? With our Email Content Generator, you don’t have to struggle anymore. You feel like you’ve been sitting at your desk for hours. And you’re just waiting. You’re waiting for the clever… read more

And if yes, is that holding your Agency back from the growth that you’re really after? In today’s training, we have 5 key concepts to help you first relieve, and then remove that bottleneck: Those 5 key concepts are: 1  Inventory Your Business as it Operates Today  2  Take Your Position 3  Document the Critical… read more

Your Scalable Seat – How to Grow Your Agency There are key seats inside your business that you’ll need to scale as demand grows. These are the five principles that will help you define and fill those seats. I’m about to share with you one of my favorite concepts. When I implemented this in both… read more

People are the key to scaling your agency. With this framework, you’ll find rockstar people for your team, even if you don’t have a huge budget to work with. I don’t want you to ever have to compromise when you’re building your team. I want you to find the right people who have the drive… read more

When you understand what your customers want and need, you can build the right offer. Have you ever wondered if you’re making the best possible offer to your customers? Do you know what they want and need from your business? Are you delivering the offer that will make a customer look at your agency and… read more

For web design businesses looking to grow, hiring a salesperson is a natural first step. Unfortunately, many businesses make hiring decisions without adequately considering the kind of person they need and what is best for their business. Finding a proper balance between the two is key. Luckily, uGurus can help you avoid some of the… read more

About six weeks ago I started facilitating a group coaching program called $10K Bootcamp. The program is designed to help web professionals over a ten week span to land their first $10,000 project (or learn to land them more consistently if they already have a couple under their belts). Why $10K? What’s the significance? In… read more

Over the past twenty years I’ve made an incredible number of mistakes when it comes to business, especially as it relates to freelancing. When I first started my journey back in 1988, there weren’t awesome resources such as Google, uGurus, or Smashing Magazine to help me out. Everything that I learned was completely by trial… read more

My first client was a chocolatier in Michigan. Steve and I built the original site for $500. It included a homepage, some photos, and a menu that allowed customers to submit a candy order form without having to use a fax machine. The owner was convinced that no one would ever use the order form…but… read more

When I first started building websites, I loved starting new projects. New clients, a new industry, new problems to solve: sweet! I would invest a huge amount of creative energy into an eight to twelve week sprint. I also had zero terms in my proposals or contracts about what would happen when the project was… read more

Request for proposals, or more popularly called RFPs, have a bad name in the web business. I have fallen victim, on many occasions, to the roulette odds of chasing a BIG, JUICY, SWEET RFP opportunity down a black hole. It’s tough. On one hand, you get this nicely organized, lengthy document full of needs and… read more

A lot of my sales courses teach how to sell through meetings with your prospects. Namely, multiple meetings (or interactions) over a period of time. I often get this follow-on question or some rendition thereof: “I don’t live in the same city as many of my prospects, can I use your methods to sell over… read more

About a year ago, I offered a friend of mine some consulting in exchange for customer research. Essentially I wanted to work with him one-on-one to help him grow his business to see if my strategies and techniques were transferable. In return, he let me use his story in my content and he also wrote… read more

So, you’ve known about responsive design for a long time, but you never tried to create a responsive web design on your own? Or you downloaded a responsive template, but have no idea how to change things up or add responsive elements to it? This is where I was not very long ago. That’s why… read more

We’ve all been there… You spend hours with a prospective client. Magic is in the air and they say, “can you send us a proposal?” You invest hours into research and document crafting. You draft the email and attach your masterpiece. You read and re-read every sentence, punctuation mark, and the spacing of your paragraphs…. read more

I get asked all the time, “How can I hire a salesperson?” My quick answer: “It’s really hard.” But it’s not impossible. I see a lot of web designers try to hire salespeople too early. Or they try to find someone to do everything they do (which is the hardest type of person to find)…. read more

Any significant project you produce will most likely be accompanied by a contract. If you don’t have a boilerplate contract, I suggest you take a look at my most recent sample proposal/contract, which is included in our Web Design Sales Kit. I have been hot and cold with contracts over the years. For a while… read more

In my early days, I got really hung up on clients wanting to know about price. They would say, “we need a quote for this website project….” I would spend the next several hours trying to arrive at a precise number. Asking a lot of questions about the features and functionality they needed. “How many… read more

I started making websites in 1997. I received money for the first time in 1999. From 2000 to 2004 I was going to university, but working with Steve Thiel in my spare time to build website projects. We were doing website builds full-time from 2005 to when we sold our agency in 2012. During this… read more