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E342: How to get targeted, long-term clients – with Tim Butler

Tim Butler is a seasoned marketing professional with more than two decades of experience in sales, marketing, and consulting. He is the founder and CEO of Innovation Visual, a well-regarded marketing consultancy that has assisted clients across various sectors including manufacturing, technology, healthcare, consumer products, finance, and professional services since its inception in 2014. He has earned recognition from Google, which placed Innovation Visual among the top 30 digital agencies.

Highlights from Tim Butler’s episode –

  • What Tim’s agency is looking like right now
  • On marketing for nuclear submarine parts
  • Why staying with the same clients for years is so beneficial
  • What challenge stands out in running his agency over the last several years
  • How to position yourself as an expert on something very specific or complicated
  • How to retain clients for years

Lightening round with Tim Butler-

  • Best advice: It’s never as good as you think or as bad as it seems
  • Habit that contributes to success: Determination and ability to grind out
  • Tool or resource recommendation: Harvard Business Review
  • Book recommendation: Headway App to find the right book

Resources, plus connect with Tim Butler-

Quotes from Tim Butler’s episode –

  • “You can’t possibly hope to stay working with them…you want to be working with them on the journey.”
  • “You’ve gotta really get to know not just the client but the client’s client.”
  • “We’re building up banks of knowledge.”
  • “Come to me when things are okay, too.”
  • “It’s a learning experience.”
  • “I’m stuck on these companies that make parts for nuclear submarines.”
  • “Long story short…they became a client.”
  • “I’d steer away from friends and family.”
  • “If you’re not going to be magical, don’t take it on.”

Takeaways from Tim Butler’s episode –

  • You don’t always need to believe the people you’re interviewing
  • Referrals and long-term relationships offer great support for an agency to work with unique businesses with unusual needs
  • It’s your responsibility to let people know about your business

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