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Episode 339

How to Find Best Fit Clients and the Right Niche

Corey Quinn

Corey Quinn is the former CMO of Scorpion and is now a dedicated agency coach. Corey specializes in guiding agency founders to scale with vertical market specialization. At Scorpion, he played a pivotal role in growing the agency’s revenue 8x in 5 years to a remarkable $150M. Corey is also the author of Anyone, Not Everyone, a comprehensive guide for agency founders looking to move beyond founder-led sales. 

Highlights from Corey Quinn’s episode

  • What’s Corey’s new book about?
  • The problem that Corey is solving right now
  • What Corey learned after years of working for some big names in the agency world
  • On niching your focus
  • What happens when you start saying “no” to people outside your niche
  • How to find the best-fit clients and the right niche
  • What agencies are doing to grow quickly

Lightening round with Corey Quinn

  • Best advice: Prado principle – use that model on “who not how”
  • Habit that contributes to success: Weekend writing of comparing goals within timeframes
  • Tool or resource recommendation: Remarkable tablet
  • Book recommendation: 10x Is Easier Than 2x – Dan Sullivan

Resources, plus connect with Corey Quinn-

Quotes from Corey Quinn’s episode –

  • “It signals, hey, we’re really a specialist in this niche.”
  • “You need to look at the niches within the niches.”
  • “You have to start saying no.”
  • “When you specialize, you can start charging higher prices.”
  • “It still feels like you somehow are taking something away.”
  • “There is hope.”
  • “The important thing is, the founder is JUICED.”

Takeaways from Corey Quinn’s episode –

  • Interviews can give you a great view of where your customer is, and what their goals are
  • Niching? It’s normal to feel like you’re going with less
  • Start by finding out how much revenue an average business makes

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