[Live Training] 9 Strategies to Build Recurring Revenue in your Digital Agency

Episode 339

How to Find Best Fit Clients and the Right Niche

Corey Quinn

Corey Quinn is the former CMO of Scorpion and is now a dedicated agency coach. Corey specializes in guiding agency founders to scale with vertical market specialization. At Scorpion, he played a pivotal role in growing the agency’s revenue 8x in 5 years to a remarkable $150M. Corey is also the author of Anyone, Not Everyone, a comprehensive guide for agency founders looking to move beyond founder-led sales. 

Highlights from Corey Quinn’s episode

  • What’s Corey’s new book about?
  • The problem that Corey is solving right now
  • What Corey learned after years of working for some big names in the agency world
  • On niching your focus
  • What happens when you start saying “no” to people outside your niche
  • How to find the best-fit clients and the right niche
  • What agencies are doing to grow quickly

Lightening round with Corey Quinn

  • Best advice: Prado principle – use that model on “who not how”
  • Habit that contributes to success: Weekend writing of comparing goals within timeframes
  • Tool or resource recommendation: Remarkable tablet
  • Book recommendation: 10x Is Easier Than 2x – Dan Sullivan

Resources, plus connect with Corey Quinn-

Quotes from Corey Quinn’s episode –

  • “It signals, hey, we’re really a specialist in this niche.”
  • “You need to look at the niches within the niches.”
  • “You have to start saying no.”
  • “When you specialize, you can start charging higher prices.”
  • “It still feels like you somehow are taking something away.”
  • “There is hope.”
  • “The important thing is, the founder is JUICED.”

Takeaways from Corey Quinn’s episode –

  • Interviews can give you a great view of where your customer is, and what their goals are
  • Niching? It’s normal to feel like you’re going with less
  • Start by finding out how much revenue an average business makes

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