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Episode 332

Dig Deep and Embrace the Next Great Idea

Dan Russell

Dan Russell is the founder of Hama, a social network for the personal growth community. As the leader and gatekeeper of Hama, Dan helps organize experiences and content that help community members move forward in their personal growth journeys.

Episode highlights from Dan Russell’s

  • What is Hama? What is its vision?
  • How you get the right people into a new community, and what Dan put together for a “Member Promise”
  • Why Dan started off with Hama being free to members
  • Where the revenue is coming from
  • How the in-person events work, and who they’re for
  • How Dan pushed through doubts, and what his approach to starting something new looked like
  • What advice Dan have for people in a “scarcity loop”

Lightning Round with Dan Russell-

  • Best advice: From Warren Buffett: True leaders bring out the best in their people
  • A habit that contributes to success: Early adopter obsession with all things new
  • Recommended tool: Todoist
  • Recommended books: The Autobiography of Charlie Chaplin

Resources, plus connect with Dan Russell-

Quotes from Dan Russell’s episode –

  • “I know that just putting energy into this going to lead to good things.”
  • “I was reflecting on how decentralized society has become, especially post-COVID. People don’t really know our neighbors anymore.”
  • “Really go deep on spiritual growth.”
  • “It’s a form of deeper interaction than being a newsletter.”
  • “Right now it’s in the experimental phase.”
  • “I have to close the door 100%.”
  • “I know in my head that part’s not scalable.”
  • “I’m not as attached to any given project…as long as it continues to receive my energy.”
  • “I was not able to separate failure from scarcity.”
  • “I would get caught in these scarcity loops.”

Takeaways from Dan Russell’s episode –

  • If you’re moving on to a new business, really consider whether you’re able to keep the old door open–can you truly commit if you have both?
  • Reconsider failure and what it looks like–can you take big risks?
  • Do you have someone in your life to support you when you’re fearing scarcity?

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Dan Russell



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