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Episode 333

From a Massive Revenue Hit to Successfully Embracing A.I.

Aaron Wrixon

Aaron Wrixon has been shaping words into strategic narratives since the late 90s—and has been paid for writing well over 8 million words. That’s the equivalent of more than 13 copies of War and Peace.

He runs WRIXON, a copy, content, and digital marketing agency that has helped agencies and their clients grow in more than 120 industries throughout the English-speaking world.

He’s also written multiple best-selling books, including co-authoring Get Rich in the Deep End with Brent.

He lives with his wife, two children, and Frankie and Bowie, two dogs who traded the Caribbean beach for Canadian snow. A long-time musician, he has released 9 albums you can find on all major streaming platforms.

Highlights from Aaron Wrixon’s episode

  • What’s going on with Nicolas Cage? And what AI has to do with it
  • How much AI has hit Aaron’s revenue as a writer
  • How Aaron turned his AI problem around
  • What advice Aaron would give people facing all of this change back in ‘22
  • How to talk with clients about writing in the time of ChatGPT

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Quotes from Aaron Wrixon’s episode –

  • “I think I’ve seen 70 of his movies….I do the 12 days of Cage-mas.”
  • “I entered this Nic cage-style, apocalyptic world of, ‘Where’s the work?’”
  • “My revenue was down 90%.”
  • “Maybe there was a shadow recession going on or something.”
  • “I’m winning the game, but all the hits are singles.”
  • “My heart is with the people like me running agencies.”
  • “AI is coming…”
  • “Using AI in my business has made me a better writer from the perspective of my clients.”
  • “My IP is the prompts that I’ve made.”
  • “Don’t sleep on it.”

Takeaways from Aaron Wrixon’s episode –

  • Work on writing better prompts
  • Embrace the coming change and find your place (rather than fighting it)
  • Aaron hopes you all have a great 2024 🙂

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