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Episode 338

From Selling an Agency to Starting an M&A Firm

David Rodnitzky

David Rodnitzky is the founder of Agentic Shift, a consulting firm that helps marketing agency founders through the mergers and acquisitions process.

Prior to Agentic Shift, David founded 3Q Digital. He grew 3Q from one person in a coffee shop to more than 325 people in 11 offices, managing over $2 billion of online media spend.

Highlights from David Rodnitzky’s Episode

  • From wrinkle cream to online poker…how David figured out he wanted to start his agency
  • What David realized about bigger clients
  • How David’s company was sold, and the surprise that followed
  • What happened when David bought his company back
  • What David often sees in his M&A business
  • What happened to “David Deals”
  • What early-stage agencies should be thinking about now

Lightening round with David Rodnitzky

  • Best advice: You don’t get what you deserve; you get what you negotiate
  • Habit that contributes to success: Fascination with tech and the internet
  • Tool or resource recommendation: Midjourney
  • Book recommendation: Persuasion by Robert Cialdini

Resources, plus connect with David Rodnitzky-

Quotes from David Rodnitzky’s episode –

  • “You eventually will find opportunities that will scale the business.”
  • “Don’t be in India if your wife is 8 months pregnant. Unless she’s in India.”
  • “Just trying to keep the lights on.”
  • “…having a great rapport with a certain part of the market so we can grow with them.”
  • “It’s better lucky than it is to be good sometimes.”
  • “We’re not running the business on David Deals anymore.”

Takeaways from David Rodnitzky’s episode –

  • Have you had multiple clients express a need for something? Maybe it’s time to invest in figuring out if it’s viable
  • Place yourself firmly in your niche and grow with them
  • How much of your agency’s success is based on you being there?

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