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Episode 331

Leading the Brilliant Rebellion – With Melanie Spring

Melanie Spring

Melanie Spring is a Fairy Guidemother and leader of The Brilliant Rebellion. She works with humans who know they were made for more by giving them the tools to find the answers they already have and guiding them to live their best lives through their careers and businesses.

Episode highlights from Melanie Spring’s

  • What is a Fairy Guidemother? Where does the idea come from?
  • How Melanie transitioned from brand strategist to speaker to her current work
  • What’s different about picking a Halloween costume as a kid 
  • Who are we innately? How did we get to be these “alien” adults?
  • How to know that you need a change
  • How does someone go about unlearning?
  • How can you tell if you’re facing resistance vs not meant to do something?
  • How do you get away from people pleasing?

Lightning Round with Melanie Spring

Resources, plus connect with Melanie Spring

Quotes from Melanie Spring’s episode –

  • “What are all the things on this list that I don’t need to be doing anymore?”
  • “I don’t want to be a princess.”
  • “I always wanted to be a fairy godmother….I would grant wishes for Halloween.”
  • “Help them get all the way back to their innate self.”
  • “His dragon costume….He wears it every day.”
  • “Most of it is unlearning.”
  • “When did I start putting myself in boxes?”
  • “It’s lycra–it’s not spandex.”
  • “That’s manipulation and people pleasing.” 
  • “I’m a very overpaid assistant.”

Takeaways from Melanie Spring’s episode –

  • Do you feel stuck? It’s time to make a change in your life
  • Even if you’ve written 3 copies of a book, it’s ok to walk away from a project if it doesn’t fit who you really are
  • Consider bigger picture goals and your WHY when facing resistance

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