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Episode 330

Thriving in Spite of Major Challenges with Smart Delegation

Natasha Golinsky

Natasha Golinsky is a custom web design and development agency owner with 20+ years of experience as an entrepreneur. Natasha is also a “Women of Influence Canada” 2-time nominee and mom of 3 who loves salsa dancing.

She is a member of UACADEMY.

Episode highlights from Natasha Golinsky

  • How Natasha started her agency
  • How Natasha finds clients
  • How much Natasha charge on various projects, including web apps and websites
  • What defining moments have changed Natasha’s entrepreneurial journey trajectory
  • How Natasha figured out the balance between being a newly single mom and work
  • How Natasha created a (serious!) 9 am-2 pm schedule

Lightning Round with Natasha Golinsky

  • Best advice: Not to personalize failure
  • A habit that contributes to success: Staying in my lane and hiring to my weaknesses
  • Recommended tool: UGURUS! – for community and support
  • Recommended books: You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero  

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Quotes from Natasha Golinsky Episode

  • “I had to figure out, how do I interview, how do I hire, how do I manage people…”
  • “The second year I paid myself over 100 grand and only worked 25 hours a week. So, I crushed it!”
  • “Within 6 months, [Natasha’s old job] was out, and agency ownership was in.”
  • “If you just made it impossible to do the work themselves…”
  • “I’m very front end.”
  • “We were so busy during covid.”
  • “I have to check my own ambitions.”
  • “The busier I got the more distracted I got.”
  • “I’m not willing to trade my kids for my career.”

Takeaways from Natasha Golinsky episode

  • Imagine if you couldn’t do the work – how would you delegate?
  • Supporting a team + keeping money coming in + staying focused = how to keep thriving during extreme challenges (like COVID)
  • Start with your own goals and work backward to find your path

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