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Episode 329

How to Manage Your Payment System – With Reed Switzer

Reed Switzer

Reed Switzer is an entrepreneur and rising product leader in the financial technology space. He left the Wharton School of Business to build Hopscotch, a B2B payments platform focused on helping small businesses succeed. Prior to Hopscotch, Reed served as Director of Operations at a music streaming startup led by the former CFO of Combs Enterprises. 

This role helped hone his marketing, product, and operational skills; it also added to his firsthand experience managing vendor relationships and helped him to see critical gaps in the B2B payments market.

Episode highlights from Reed Switzer

  • What’s Hopscotch all about?
  • What feature Hopscotch added to make life easier and more flexible for agencies
  • On centralization and branding
  • How Hopscotch keeps them coming back
  • How Financing Works in Hopscotch
  • What are some basics to help new agencies keep on top of payments?

Lightning Round with Reed Switzer

Resources, plus connect with Reed Switzer

Quotes from Reed Switzer’s Episode

  • “That’s starting to change–and that’s great.”
  • “You want to make sure you’re thoughtful about the touchpoint and really putting your best foot forward.”
  • “Above all, it means making payments intuitive.”
  • “You get to chose if you’re going to eat the fee or they’re going to eat the fee.”
  • “B2B payments are not sexy.”
  • “It’s really as easy as sending an invoice.”
  • “We’re not going to be broadcasting agency transactions.” 😉
  • “People mail in checks! OMG, this is 2023.”

Takeaways from Reed Switzer’s episode

  • Think about how you could become a destination rather than a simple product
  • Make sure you’re putting enough into the payments side of your business–there are a ton of great options

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Reed Switzer



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