[Live Training Series] RUN YOUR AGENCY LIKE A PRO

E30: The Art of Delegation with Jennifer Buzza

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Today we’re going to talk to Jennifer Buzza, who is the founder and owner of WEBCLIO, $10K Bootcamp graduate and now our current lead mentor, about The Art of Delegation.  During this episode, Jennifer talks about the practical applications of delegation and some of the unexpected benefits that will surely take place.

After working with clients such as WebMD, Eben Pagan, and even Def Leppard, she’s got this whole delegation thing figured out.  This is an episode you won’t want to miss.

Some of the highlights of the show include:

  • The biggest mindset shifts Jennifer had during Bootcamp that allowed her to go from struggling internally about the thought of delegation to working with world class organizations.
  • How the illusion of control almost ruined her business.
  • How to deal with the weight of guilt of feeling like “I should be able to handle all of this” so that you can let your business come to life.
  • The answer to the biggest question:  What if I can’t afford to delegate?
  • The #1 step to take so that you can let the wheels of delegation begin to roll.
  • What your business can really look like if you can operate from a position of utilizing your superpower.
  • What it feels like to look forward to Monday morning.
  • How to identify your superpower.
  • And the secret behind getting raving fans and referrals that simply MUST work with you.



  • “I walked around with this guilt of ‘I should be able to do this’
  • “There are more than just monetary costs in your business”
  • “There’s a power of acknowledging that there are areas you’re terrible at.”



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