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E32: The Journey of Scaling A Business with Greg Hickman

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Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Greg Hickman who is the founder and owner of Systemly.  Greg has had the pleasure of working with entrepreneurs such as Chris Ducker, Jon Loomer and Entrepreneur on Fire.  During today’s episode Greg talks about his trials and tribulations of scaling Systemly to the powerhouse it is today and how he was able to gain the courage to walk away from 10 years of work and pivot in a completely different direction.  This episode hits home for a lot of folks.

Some of the highlights of the show include:

  • How a challenge from a co-host of an old webinar launched a brand new business and quickly earned him 7 clients in 6 days.
  • The internal battle that took place as he was about to leave a business and an industry he had committed 10 years to.
  • What it’s like to tap into the power of going “All In”.
  • How Greg uses morning rituals to own the day.  Can you really reprogram your mind?
  • What needs to happen for you to play a bigger game.
  • All of the mistakes around pricing and fitting in with his own business during that first year.
  • An accidental 80/20 shift that thinned the heard but kept his revenue the same.
  • Everything you really need to think through as you begin to scale your business.
  • The truth about hiring talent.





  • “You can’t create a system for something that’s always changing.”
  • “Now more than ever sequencing is important.  If you solve the wrong problems in the wrong order you’re going to kill your business.”
  • “If your business went from 10 clients per month to 50 clients per month, would your business break?”



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