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E4: Overwhelmed to only working 4 days per week with Barbara Carneiro

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Are entrepreneurs doomed to working long hours or is it possible to have work-life balance?

In this podcast episode, Barbara Carneiro shares her experience of working long hours, weekends, and holidays to how she made the shift to only working 35 hours per week all while growing her business by 3x and increasing profitability.

Our guest today is Barbara Carneiro, the founder of Word Revolution, a communication agency for Christian ministries and the brain behind 4:12 Lab, a training program for Church Communication.

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Show Notes

[1:35] Barbara’s Background

Selling $800 websites

Fear of raising my prices

Unable to deal with NO

Designer without the business skills

[5:46] Gaining Business Skills

Starting on eLance

Needing to win the next bid

Getting out of the commodity box

Parting ways with clients in a healthy way

[8:45] Having a Team

8 full-time people delivering $800 websites

Stuck in the content nightmare

Dealing with scope creep

[10:45] Life Outside of Business

Lack of time for family

Working weekends and holidays

Kids seeing the computer as a competitor

Always multi-tasking

[14:15] Caught in the Cycle

The burden of paying for employees

Passionate about having a team

Having the weight on her shoulders

[16:37] Barbara Today

Schedule is now only 10am to 5pm

Focused on kids in the evening

No longer working weekends or holidays

3x income from 2014 to 2015

Having more time to invest in the team

Up to 15 team members now

[19:08] Projects Today

Can now dedicate more time to clients

Sweet spot is now $8,000 to $12,000 projects

Outsourcing lead generation services

Moving clients from information to conversion websites

Providing copy writing services for clients

Learning the language of business

Moving away from being an order taker

[24:36] Life Outside of Business Today

Taking the kids swimming every Friday

Not working Friday’s anymore

Not working at ALL in the evenings

Taking off ALL weekends and holidays

Giving my brain a break

[27:30] Business Today

No longer the bottleneck in the business

Time to do process documentation

Putting the customer experience at the center of everything

Now delivery projects faster and profiting more

Excited for expanding the team

Gifts for new team members

[32:25] Lightning round

Best advice: I don’t sell a commodity

Best habit: Setting aside Friday for myself

Best resource: Charlie app for iPhone

Best book: Running Lean by Ash Maurya



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