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Episode 270

Communication, Education, and Strategy with Clients

With Colby Flood

Colby Flood founded Brighter Click to create an education-first agency that focuses not just on performance but on proactive communication led by education.

Brighter Click helps eCommerce companies 2-3x their current Facebook marketing performance.

They’re the only agency that leads all communications through education.

Episode Highlights From Communication, Education, and Strategy with Clients

  • Should you let your client dictate strategy? If not, what do you do?
  • What’s more important with clients—quality or speed of response? 
  • Why agency owners struggle with client communication
  • On the “employee mindset” vs thinking like a partner
  • How Colby approaches finding clients

Colby Flood’s Lightning Round

  • Best advice: Ship it at 90%
  • Habit that contributes to success: Planning out years, months, and weeks

Connect with Colby Flood

Quotes from Colby Flood

  • “People required education because they were unfamiliar with their product.”
  • “Fast is only good when it’s good.”
  • “Lead through education.”
  • “Your value is perceived in your communication.”
  • “We’re seeing how we can focus on the human element and grow that way.”
  • “I’ve seen some success in that, but I’ve also seen some not success.”


  • When you really know your client’s businesses, you’re better equipped to help lead them to success
  • You don’t have to compromise speed… but you also don’t have to have the response in your first reply
  • Consider whether a decline in operations is worth it when focusing on cranking out sales

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Colby Flood On Communication, Education, and Strategy with Clients



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