[Live Training Series] RUN YOUR AGENCY LIKE A PRO

Episode 271

When And How To Build Better Systems

With Yvonne Heimann

Yvonne Heimann is the CEO & founder of AskYvi.com and the leading ClickUp evangelist, as well as a passionate Business Efficiency & Scalability Consultant, Mindset Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, & Speaker.

Episode highlights

  • What can we do about our inefficiencies as humans?
  • How we can get better about working with multiple systems and programs
  • What are the steps to simplifying and becoming more proactive, not reactive?
  • At what point in building your business should you start to build systems?
  • What are common pitfalls in building systems?
  • Three big pointers for building processes

Lightning Round with Yvonne Heimann

  • Best advice: Trust your gut
  • Habit that contributes to success: Consistently improving habits

Connect with Yvonne Heimann

Quotes from Yvonne Heimann

  • “We shouldn’t focus on a tool, because a tool is a means to an end.”
  • “The least efficient in this equation is us – we’re human.”
  • “I’m done being reactive. I want to be PROACTIVE.”
  • “You’re going to spend three times the amount of time.”
  • “You need to be able to let go. It’s one of the pain points.”

Takeaways From When and How to Build Better Systems

  • What systems and processes can you automate right now? 
  • Keep the “human” in mind when creating systems
  • Stop trying to be perfect – it will all end up evolving any way
  • Run a process manually, then automate after you understand it

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