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Episode 272

Working With Venture Capitalists and Building a Talented Team

With Amy Hanlon

Amy Hanlon, president of Blue Meta Design, visually showcases the impactful stories of startups through graphic design, partnering with VC’s on cutting-edge investments. 

A small branding agency located in the Mid-South, Blue Meta Design is client-focused, servicing companies that are changing the world and their communities. 

Episode highlights 

  • How Amy started working with VC’s
  • Did a great idea show up? Here’s how Amy’s business needs to react
  • What is the difference between funding levels and what the business needs? (Think websites for a Pre-Seed vs. Series B company)
  • How design is approached to be PERFECT for what a company needs
  • How Amy hires the right people for big work and keeps them challenged and fresh
  • How Amy structures her 3-part interview process

Lightning Round with Amy Hanlon

Connect with Amy Hanlon

Quotes from Amy Hanlon

  • “It’s an extremely fast-paced world.”
  • “I know you don’t have revenue yet, but you do have that big seed investment!”
  • “They know what it takes to create scale through capital.”
  • “These visual trends move through the tech world.”
  • “I know I’m going to ruffle some feathers, but…If you’re asking someone to do projects, pay them for their time.”
  • “Call it a vibe check!”
  • “I’ve learned that three is the key.”

Takeaways From Working With Venture Capitalists and Building a Talented Team

  • Think about what a business needs right now. For example, do they need a fancy, detailed website if they’re a lawn care company?
  • drThree-part interviews have been perfect for Amy’s business: not too long, but you’re able to really see who someone is

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