[Live Training Series] RUN YOUR AGENCY LIKE A PRO

Episode 273

How I Built a Great Agency and Now Work Ten Hours a Week

With Barbara Carneiro

Barbara Carneiro is a mentor at UGURUS and a senior strategist.

She is the founder of Word Revolution, a communication and branding agency for Christian ministries. She’s worked with over 250 clients in her niche. She’s launched a conference and a course in her niche as well. She has a 5-person agency and only works 10-15 hours per week in the business.

She also is a UGURUS mentor and has been working with us for many years now. She’s helped over 200 agency owners in our programs.

Episode Highlights

  • What’s the sweet spot? Here’s what Barbara has found by diving deeper within her niche
  • How Barbara’s work is like an antidote for clients googling their symptoms
  • How Barbara built her business so she can limit her hours and energy—and spend lots of time with family
  • How client interactions are different with less hours spent working
  • How Barbara’s “modular” system works with branding clients
  • How Barbara’s conference is positioning her in the market

Lightning Round with Barbara Carneiro

  • Best advice: Stay in your lane
  • Habit that contributes to success: Know how my body works and go with it
  • Recommended tool: Sunsama
  • Recommended book: Traction by Gino Wickman

Connect with Barbara Carneiro, plus resources

Quotes from Barbara Carneiro

  • “There is money in every niche. There are problems in every niche.”
  • “It actually saves them a lot of money to have somebody come in and do it for them.”
  • “You’re able to kind of get inside their head.”
  • “Do I need surgery or an aspirin?”
  • “My business has changed! I have to say, ‘Listen guys, I’m not busy.’”
  • “You’re paid for your time. You’re valued.”
  • “They try to convince me that their system is okay.”
  • “People are going to look to the leaders to find their way through this mess.”
  • “Pay attention to the people you are trying to serve.”


  • Niche within a niche? When you get so much experience within a niche, agency owners tend to narrow down even further and find their “sweet spot”.
  • In branding, they discover the archetype of the client. It’s not reinventing the wheel each time. It’s modular.
  • With a possible recession on the way, people are going to look to those in positions of authority in their market.

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Barbara Carneiro



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