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E110: Working alongside your spouse with Anya Caruso

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Anya Caruso has decades of experience working with fortune 500 and SMB brands. Her deep understanding of combining branding and messaging, coupled with impressive visual communication and digital marketing skills are the foundation of her role at Engage. As founder of and partner at Engage, she is responsible for half of the company’s vision and leadership, as well as a leading role in client marketing strategy and execution.

Episode highlights:

  • Anya was around for the start of internet advertising. Learn what that was like and how she used the experience to start an agency.
  • Learn the evolution of product-driven marketing to experiential.
  • Learn what it’s like to convince clients to change their thinking about marketing.
  • Anya gets in to what it’s like to work with⁠—and own a business with⁠—her husband.
  • Learn what kind of legacy Anya wants to leave through her agency.
  • Run time: 36:48
  • Best advice ever received: Go after your dreams, but sometimes things might change and that’s ok.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Making my bed daily.
  • Recommended book: The Bible John 1 in particular
  • Recommended tools: Spark



  • “They care about what their life is going to be like when they have it.”
  • “You’re going to really make some adjustments to have you do things.”
  • “You could really end up butting heads.”
  • “If you can’t make dinner with your spouse…you might consider effectively working together.”
  • “There might be mashed potatoes on the ceiling.”
  • “It’s about our clients.”
  • “Selfless, relevant value.”


  • Consider positioning your product as an experience for your audience, rather than something with a list of features.



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