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E125: How to keep clients for 15+ years with Evelyn Powers

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At the dawn of the desktop computer, after several years of working, Evelyn strategized being a stay-at-home mom while running a business out of her home—unheard of in the age of dial-up. She launched Design Powers in 1996.

She eventually shifted to digital design and co-founded a growing women entrepreneurs networking group, and later began co-hosting live radio.

Episode highlights:

  • Here’s how things have changed for graphic design since the start of the internet and why Evelyn decided to pivot.
  • There are a few major points that Evelyn believes you need to hit to keep long-term clients. Listen to how she makes it happen.
  • Learn what happened when Evelyn started a women’s business group.
  • Get more out of membership groups with this advice.
  • Run time: 40:37
  • Best advice ever received: You can do it all, just not at the same time.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Running
  • Recommended tools: Google Calendar and Binaural Beats and Tibetan bowls
  • Recommended book: Un F* Yourself by Gary John Bishop and Workbook



  • “We bought a house that we could afford on just (my husband’s) salary just in case my business didn’t succeed.”
  • “You need to have some guts and take some risks.”
  • “The biggest challenge was my confidence.”
  • “I mean, what else is there?”
  • “I’m always researching and seeing what others are doing.”
  • “Always keep your eye on what’s going on.”
  • “You do have to attend the meetings….it’s a matter of showing up.”


  • Think about your timelines and appointments. Do you deliver on time?
  • Take a self-audit. What can you do to improve reliability and consistency?




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