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E13: The Pitfalls of Hiring A Sales Rep with Andrew Gray

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Today we are speaking with Andrew Gray, a partner-in-chief, and technology officer of Tayloe Gray. He’s a programming technologist and serial entrepreneur, and he has two decades’ experience in web applications and websites. He’s got some big-name clients and a nice-sized team. You’re going to love hearing more about Andrew and the strategies he’s used to find success.

Some of the highlights of the show include:

  • Information about Tayloe Gray and what Andrew does there, as well as his recent startup, payforart.com.
  • Why it’s important for agencies to do work for themselves and not only payable work.
  • Why Andrew wanted to get into the business and why he wanted to be an entrepreneur.
  • Some of the pitfalls that Andrew has encountered when it comes to hiring salespeople, as well as what’s worked when it comes to hiring and delegation.
  • The danger of an agency relying too much on one client, as well as Andrew’s personal experience with this situation.
  • Some ways that Tayloe Gray is working on getting the cash management process more stable and flowing more smoothly.
  • Why Tayloe Gray has chosen to offer the range of services they do as opposed to specializing in just one type of service.
  • What Andrew sees Tayloe Gray doing in 10 years.



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Quotes by Andrew:

“I love everything about building a company and having staff… I don’t know if I could do anything else at this point.”

“Obviously our work stands for itself…. You can’t continue to pawn off sub-quality work just because you’re doing it internally.”

“My number one goal is to build a business that sustains ten years.”



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