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E151: Conquer fear and anxiety, and get ready to do your best work with Mike Parker

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Mike Parker is the developer of the groundbreaking modality, Liminal Coaching which uses special guided relaxation and other tools and techniques to help problem thoughts, emotions, and desires painlessly dissolve.

That frees you up to tap into your mind’s unlimited capacity for self-healing, creative ideation, and natural solution-creation.

Episode highlights:

  • What is liminal coaching, and why is it important? Mike digs into how it helps you release subconscious material.
  • What stress does to innovative thinking…and to entrepreneurial brains.
  • What happens to your brain when you daydream.
  •  What happened when researchers monitored brain waves…and subjects started to daydream.
  • Should you live with your procrastination habit? No! Here’s Mike’s tip to get going. 
  • What happens when you go to bed after watching something negative or troubling (like the news!) right before bed.
  • Best advice received: Don’t give up.
  • Habit that contributes to success: Taking the time for calm reflection.
  • Recommended tools: Rev.com
  • Recommended book: The Body Keeps the Score by Dr. Bessel van de Kolk
  • Run time: 39:06



  • “You don’t even have to follow what’s being said.”
  • “How do I actually relax?”
  • “This is called the empty cup…so something new can actually develop in that space.”
  • “The sense of knowing where you’re going, even if you don’t know exactly where that is.”
  • “Things were looking very grim indeed.”


  • Limit your to-do list to 5 items.







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