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E27: The Power of Storytelling with Marc Gutman

Today we’re going to be talking to Marc Gutman, who is a storyteller, entrepreneur, and a lover of life. He helps entrepreneurs who are stuck, and his chosen tool is the power of story. We are going to talk about using stories to transform your business. Having formerly worked as a screenwriter for Disney, Warner Bros., and more, he’s qualified to give us a lot of great advice on the power of story.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! Here are some highlights to listen for:

  • Marc’s early career experience in Hollywood, including working for Oliver Stone, and why it’s relevant to what he’s doing now.
  • How Marc’s excitement and passion for learning and for storytelling helped him learn how business worked and how to transition from writing for himself to writing for a business.
  • What it means to “write what you know” and why it’s so important to be specific when describing your life experience.
  • Thoughts on how to create an ongoing relationship with people to get them coming back again and again.
  • Where a story should show up in a business and how you can leverage the power of storytelling in your marketing and sales.
  • The form (not formula) that you can use to put your story together.
  • Tips on connecting with the right audience.
  • How Marc helps his clients identify their problems and get over their fears.
  • Why journaling from your customer’s point of view can be an enlightening exercise.
  • The importance of developing a “move to action” as the first step toward creating your story.




Quotes by Marc:

  • “The more detailed we get about our own personal story, the more universal it becomes.”
  • “Our ability to narrow down who can best serve us and who we can best serve is amazing at this point.”
  • “If you appeal to everybody, you appeal to nobody…. Be clear on who you are.”



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