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E28: A 3 Step Process To Get You Booked On Your First Podcast with Kai Davis

Today we’re talking to Kai Davis, the name behind Double Your Audience and Double Your E-commerce as well as his own named brand, KaiDavis.com. He’s an author, educator, coach, and consultant who helps agency-owners and freelancers uncover hidden profits in their businesses. We’re going to be covering some of his best strategies today, so you won’t want to miss the show!

Some of the highlights of the show include:

  • How and why Kai got into business helping freelancers and agency-owners maximize their talents and uncover profits.
  • When Kai realized that he needed to learn more methods to getting more clients: What happened and the lessons he learned.
  • How Kai invests in himself and how he arranged for education and personal development even in the earliest days of his career.
  • Why Kai finds podcasting a tactic worth pursuing, as well as actionable tips for people who might be considering starting a podcast.
  • The biggest mistakes that Kai sees people make when podcasting and when pitching podcast hosts for a guest spot.
  • Ideas for success when it comes to pitching podcast hosts.




Quotes by Kai:

  • “I need to have some skin in the game… I’m able to take ideas I find in the lab and try them in the wild.”
  • “By budgeting for my professional development and education, I removed one of the major barriers: Where’s the money going to come from?”
  • “You need to understand your target market and how to specialize to help that target market.”







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