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E37: Good Content Ain’t Good Enough and Why You Should Quit Your Day Job with Aaron Wrixon

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Aaron Wrixon runs WRIXON, a content and strategy agency that transforms service businesses, helping them command attention and make “the competition” irrelevant. In his 20 years in business, he’s written more than 5 million words. On this episode, we go in-depth about how Aaron made the jump from full-time employment to full-time entrepreneurship. It’s not an easy transition, but Aaron more than doubled his income by making the jump.

Some of the highlights of the show include:

  • How Aaron decided to leave his cushy corporate salary to go out on his own
  • Which fears were valid and which could be ignored
  • Over doubling his income in his first year on his own
  • What happens when you relax and forget to market your business
  • Working on your business versus your work: building a practice or business
  • Aaron introduces his BRAVER content framework
  • How to use your honesty and vulnerability for your content to stand out



  • “If you redefine what failure is, all of a sudden you can’t be embarrassed.”
  • “Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.” – Napoleon Hill
  • “The idea that business failure equals life failure is a false equivalency.”
  • “Getting a professional writer gets you paid faster, stops scope creep, and gives you a lot more sanity.”
  • “Good content is not good enough. Good content is table stakes. Everybody on earth is writing good content. Even the people trying hard are writing lots of stuff that is the same as other people. In order to stand out – make your competition irrelevant – you have to take it one step up.”



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