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E6: What it feels like to get a $500,000 project with Sheldon Pereira

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Today on the Digital Agency Show, we’re talking to a successful entrepreneur about how he has developed a fun and lucrative company culture, how he gets the best people working for him, and how he has grown his business steadily over the past 12 years. Sheldon Pereira, the founder of Aquanode Interactive, offers his expertise to our listeners today.

Some of the topics you’ll hear about include:

  • What getting a $500,000 project feels like.
  • At what a project’s culture changes: scope, budget, and other factors that affect how a project progresses.
  • What Aquanode Interactive is like in terms of culture and people.
  • Why a sense of humor is important and how a poor cultural fit sometimes affects how Sheldon interacts with potential clients.
  • How providing services in a place of less service provider saturation can help grow a business.
  • Why Sheldon started his agency to begin with.
  • Sheldon’s thoughts on his risk tolerance at the time that he started his company.
  • The pivotal moment when Aquanode was past the “feast or famine” cycle and when it achieved the cash flow needed for success.
  • Tips for keeping employees engaged and invested in the company. Sheldon also talks about how he rewards developers based on performance.
  • Some of Sheldon’s takeaways after mentoring people through the Boot Camp program.
  • The vision for the future of Aquanode, as well as how Sheldon keeps up with technology and avoids missing the trends.


Sheldon on Twitter
Sheldon on LinkedIn

Quotes by Sheldon:

“Part of my ideal customer description includes a sense of humor, not a jerk.”

“We are seeing astronomical leaps in technology.”

“When you work with your friends, it’s a lot harder to leave.”



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