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E68: The power of finding your community and purpose with Paul Lacey

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Show Notes:
Paul Lacey is a co-founder of the UK web agency The Dickiebirds Studio. They specialize in UX Design & WordPress design, development, and consulting. They do both direct client work and white-label agency partnership. Their clients include Jaguar, Land Rover, GeneratePress, Beaver Builder, and the Church of England.


Episode highlights:

  • How The Dickiebirds made the transition from a white-label company to a full-service agency.
  • Why Paul took a two-and-a half-year hiatus—and what that meant for the business and partnership.
  • How Paul handled closing a big project—and then finding himself with an underestimated budget and so much work he was neglecting other clients.
  • The unexpected benefit—and collaborative effect—of creating content.



  • “It wasn’t so much a decision, as kind of a reaction.”
  • “We probably weren’t prepared for that (big) project.”
  • “Spread thin like butter.”
  • “This little business….is starting to destroy you.”



  • How can you better connect with people in your industry? Try joining Facebook groups and local meetups, and always keep your eye open for opportunities to talk with others.




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